More proof of the environmental dangers of crematory ovens, from Auschwitz-Birkenau and elsewhere

I have already covered the essentials of the dangers for the environment of crematory ovens in my article on their key role in economic depression, but I find very interesting to show more data, from, actually, the site of Auschwitz-Birkenau itself.

The data shows the heavy degradation of vegetation, and lake-style deposits of human ash, except for a very tiny area inside the camp that benefits from the CO2 of tourists going around.

The data shows how with dominant winds going West (from the Earth’s spin) the vegetation has been damaged and soil fertility reduced. Above “Kolonia Wola” the black ash deposited in large ponds and there is more to the north-west of it.

There are also more effects to the South, with certainly bone effects related to the “Buna” “glue-from-bones” plant attempt.

There is a tiny level of antigraviton generation in the chimneys of the ovens during closure period. This creates locally a soil aspiration of alpha emitters that creates at a distance “some improvement of ground fertility” counterbalanced by the area of fallout of the chimneys. This comes together by the vegetation going browner from intakes of human cells.

This can be also observed in a more recent case at a much, much smaller scale in southern Lebanon, in Kounine. The Kounine case is a single small crematory system, part of the Hizbullah. It creates a browning of the trees around it, from the fallout. Very related to the Jenin disaster in my opinion (secret weapon supply, which I had shown basically to Binyamin Netanyahu in 2020, but which he failed to strike… I had looked into Kounine because of the resemblance of the name with Lenin).

Most recent picture, it’s in the middle
The structure is with two chimneys used certainly also for body dropping. You can see the tree browning around and farther away right, some “green improvement” thanks to the same effect
Yes, when you take even a Natrosol-made bucket of human mash and use it in a missile (see all the cases where I used clouds of bombs for recognizing victims in the Ukrainian war), basic human structures reappear and this publication by Vadai et al in Physical Review Accelerators and Beams proves it, the brain and bone spine reappear. (This is obviously implicit but Natrosol use is recognizable because of colours and because of the lateral, double effect of sodium pressure compression-concatenating the exteriors of the thoracic cage up to quite close to the spine)

And a case with an underground crematory tokamak causing also above-earth leaks of human material and soil disruption, browning, as well, in Vawkavisk, western Belarus :

An underground structure that has regularly showed up through cyclonic style, slow speed antigravitons (meteorological data) and that you see here, just understand that Aleksandr Lukashenko asked for a “CERN”-like structure, there is also Prussian Blue leaks in the center-right. After my antigravitons from crematory tokamak publication Lukashenko’s services stopped using it, and they are… ponderating using this area for “underground burying of radioactive waste” (source Charter97)

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