Contribution of the fallout from the Khmelnitskyi nuclear pogroms to environmental pollution in western Ukraine

I have been looking at the environmental data of Ukraine collected by satellites, which is simply the state of fields and farmlands as well as forests. The data shows the impressive level of radioactive dusting. It shows the advances of the nuclear pollution westward, in application of the positive push (reverse magnet effect) already demonstrated. A first sample showed already the disaster. More careful observations allow to identify an area where the crematory component dominates more. That area is west of Khmelnitskyi, toward Lviv, where nuclear pogroms have happened.

First, a picture that shows the general advance westward.

More careful study shows the differenciation depending on the area. These four pictures below are sampled around the west of Khmelnitskyi up to Lviv. The crematory component dominates.

The more significant dominance of DU emerges when looking eastward. It’s slightly less black but there is more DU and it’s totally “greyed” by it.

The water of the Dniepr and riftism have allowed geophysical neutrons from the pendular wave to somehow reduce the level of alpha emitters in these areas where the water gets into the small rifts.

It’s not the case in other areas. Below the mix of DU and crematory fallout near the frontline.

Near Krivii Rih the levels of DU are so high that the satellite data is somehow flawed by it.

Some crematory component but dominated by DU as well

There clearly is an argument with DU weapons and the Brexit – for Boris Johnson’s Brexit to be successful (since the campaign relied on “Save the NHS” for its propaganda) an easier way was to screw health in Europe, the kinetic spin carrying fallout Westward being very well-known.

And then coming back to Ouman, the crematory component of the fallout is tremendous.

So, it’s clear that the fallout data confirms the nuclear Khmelnitskyi pogroms in their horror, with “Jewish cities” in its center, altogether with the environmental disaster which nevertheless can be fixed with Fermionic condensators and magnets. There are small spots in a few cities that show tiny spots of progress in the reduction of the fallout, although they are not numerous.

These small spots of progress, too limited to be pictured there, have to be differenciated from :

  • The “Speedy” mash condensators used for New Strikes with Transcarpathia retchlagswabs. The Telegraph has just reported exhaustion of the soldiers, who self-contaminate of course heavily since even sodium retchlagswabs aren’t efficient weapons
The limited cleaning effect of the Speedys is compensated by a cloud of DU above the cities, as Mash Fermionic condensators are very inefficient for DU
  • Experiment with the KMW-Elbit MLRS with a crematory oven at the front and a chlorine-based Fermionic condensator at the rear :
The crematory oven is under the center. The last crate at the rears conceals a Fermionic condensator with chlorine, chlorine allows smaller dimensions.
It has been clearly tried in this area above. Positioned exactly as in the picture above. Ash remains of its crematory activity west of it, effects of its small but powerful Fermionic condensator east of it.

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