The bolshevist victory in the Balkans War – how the massive crematory enforced disappearances were obviated by the UN, responsible for massive crimes with crematory tanks through the conflict

Data on the large amount of unseen bodies of victims of the Balkans War led me to do new research on crematory activities in the Balkans War. This article from the Balkans Insight in particular. I had seen a picture of people running in front of a Serbian tank with doors made for crematory activities earlier and wondered, because there is a similar case currently in Serbia where I have found after the liquidation of a seller of Mangusta helicopters (a woman) an area of slushing of the corpses south of Belgrade. She was apparently raped before liquidation.

So among Serbian cases I could retrieve the case of this tank that shows crematory activity in its front opening, and a tank very similar to the one I saw, with war paintings made for camouflaging crematory work. This crematory work of the Serbian forces is why Serbia was later bombed with DU.

There is some more that I could not find back but the Serbs also started the bombing of Sarajevo in 1992 because a civilian crematory practice into public buses had been found, and a big-headed baby at least showed up in the plume of the crematory propeller. So this may be why these Muslim children in Srebrenica were badly looked by Serbians who saw their arms opening as indicator they were attempting to show they were “larger than the tank’s crematory opening”.

The left side of the tank’s front already suggests very limited crematory activities, but this is only 1993

Bosnian troops also used crematory power in their tanks :

This tank also presents a lot of crematory sludge on its front. A boy is playing on top of it.

Shocking crematory oven activity caught in picture :

A UN tank is just behind, watching.

More crematory oven activities likely near Dubrovnik at the beginning :

An identical tankette as above was clearly used for cremation again…

This is just the beginning. There is much more. This recent case opened on the crematory propulsion of a train is confirmed by my later findings of such a train with a crematory propulsion at the front (see also POUM / CNT methods).

I tried to focus on the main belligerents and progressively stumbled on UN tanks showing up with crematory remains as well.

The Imperial War Museum (the name of the museum is essential) shows a UN tank with a British flag and some crematory venting on the front.
This YPR-765 of the Dutch UNPROFOR is thought for harvesting of rebels and cremation. In this case there are no indicting crematory tracks but many other UN cases show a different story.
This for instance is a UN boiler tank using deuterium water. There are clear crematory sludge tracks on its tube, around and on the soil confirming. On deuterium see here.
This UN crematory oven tank has venting systems designed to eliminate the ashes fast. It also presents crematory tracks in a way that have to be related to it, and the last body of a victim visible vertically in the middle.
The UN tank on the front also presents heavy crematory remains
The tank, shall I say, is “still” clean. But are UN Blue Helmets pushing people into it from the top ? The woman’s behaviour asks the question. Like the children near Srebrenica shown earlier, is she saying she’s too large for being furnaced ? Did she hydrate to avoid the incineration ? One of my first souvenir as children is when I went to a tennis and poney club behind Mandelieu-la-Napoule in an area of very high natural radioactivity (Barbossi club), around 1999, and during group pictures at the end of the week the organizers threw a large batch of water onto all us, I was very unhappy, but did they knew about all that and did they try to protect us ?
More crematory tracks on this group of UN tanks. Implosion from crematory antigraviton effects is a possibility with too much energy within.
Some crematory fumes were emitted very recently by this tank that also presents more remains on its front, one human face clearly visible on its bottom right and it’s suggested there are three other faces besides.
This tank was equipped with a chimney for venting crematory fumes.
This Danish Leopard 1A5 is also heavily stained by crematory activities

Below the first document from the Swedish Armour Historical Society shows more UN tanks with crematory remains at the rear ; likewise for the tank on the right.

This is another UN tank (BTR-80) with crematory sludge tracks present at the rear.
More crematory tracks behind this UN tank provided by Ukrainian Armed Forces
Too clean a tank. it was missing a body. Caught in the act.
Another long-gun UN tank with heavy crematory sludge tracks on its front core and around, damaged on its turret.
The corpse tracks of a victim along with crematory ashes are easily visible on this UN tank
Crematory oven furnacing. Large crematory tracks on the rear side of the UN tank, armoured for it.
As in the BTR 80s above, it’s clear new AT weapons also were produced with the crematory material, as is shown by sludging area in this UN tank. Behaviour of the Muslim family suggests they know and are unimpressed because they are favourable to it.
While crematory tracks on the rear of these tanks are limited (but visible, together with some sludge on the soil, it’s clearly visible for the second one in particular) there are lots of people waiting in line in front of them…
Kosovo : in my opinion the man closest to the turret is being pushed into the crematory area of the tank whose earlier activity has already left tracks where he is.
The tank on the right also presents crematory tracks in its venting

The ICMP indicates that 30% of the missing in the Balkans Wars have not been accounted for and the existing data (which I screened in a neutral way, looking at crimes of each main group) cannot support the idea that most of these are the responsibility of the Serbs. The United Nations have an easy game in blaming Serbs for their own enforced disappearances. It’s likely the UN tanks disappeared in their crematory ovens 10 000 persons in correct estimates over the course of the Balkans Wars. The Serbs disappeared 3 500, including in Kosovo, and their mass shooting in Srebrenica was clearly the elimination of a group of Muslims that knew for the initial elimination of Bosnian Serbs in Sarajevo public transport propulsion. Bosnian forces disappeared 1 100 to 1 300 persons in most modest estimates and Albanese forces in Kosovo another 500. This is in my opinion the final account of the war, in which the United Nations’ Bolshevist crematory practice, of domination by the mass, by the number of crematory tanks (instead of domination by the truth – like Lenin during the 1917 events in Russia against Mensheviks, elimination of opponents was chosen for advancing UN power), was the crucial factor in their style of peace (which I also call nazipacifism) that required erasing of the truth on even Serbian crimes through crematory reactors (leading to the above mentioned case a few days ago in Serbia where a large sludging area has been found by myself) and opened a new era of UN bolshevism which was later ramped up by the signature of the ICAN treaty, on the abolition of nuclear weapons, step forward in the crematory domination attempt of the UN. Indeed the absence of flash in crematory weapons is a key element for claiming non-nuclear nature and the resulting darkness is used for more enforced disappearances by troops on the ground.

Let’s take a look at the new, fresh slushing area in Serbia, found after finding one case through, a woman blamed for selling helicopters with a crematory additive, this could represent 400 bodies in my opinion and in Aleksandar Vucic’s (who also acknowledged to me the rape before liquidation of the woman) :

In your opinion who is legitimate to intervene ?

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