The natural Menorah in the Mercantour, and the nazi conspiration behind the Germanwings crash

The Germanwings crash was a deep nazi conspiration against France

The shape of the valleys from the Var river that ends in Nice, with all its affluents included (Vésubie, Tinée, Cians, Haut-Var, Estéron) forms a prototypal Menorah and this is related directly to the fact that, as I have shown on the Chixculub event and the Plesiosuchus manselli impacts, there was a sub-Chixculub meteoritical impact in the South-East of France, where I live also 66 million years ago and this event is related to the formation of a sub-group of Dugongs that explains the Jewish minority of the French Riviera, starting from Juan les Pins (as in my earlier article, nose-breaking impacts visible on the Ste Marguerite island in its magmatism and underwater). The Menorah effect was observed in another way by myself, having adopted Jewish rituals from my Unitarian Universalism, I was nevertheless twice unable to set up a menorah for Hannukah because I live in the direction of these valleys where its origins reside.

The Lachaup chairlift set up in 2013 in La Foux d’Allos was obviously among the main targets of the nazi terrorist pilot. He wanted obviously in a kind of delirious format to be the Jesus of nazism, raising it up again by being crucified on the top of the 3 Êvéchés and then parking down in the “Le Jésus” parking in Allos. The influence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Eparchy has been shown, with the descent representing the adiabatic slash, and Ignea’s Helle disks showing clearly they present this as a traditional effect (especially in Bosorkun), in parallel with their semi-mythification of the WTC attacks.

The Lachaup chairlift area was turned symbolically into Dachau by the group who knew most of the depleted uranium (there is also crematory fallout, it was a plane propelled by crematory reactors and this shows up in particular just south of Entrevaux and on the mountains above Risoul-Vars) would jump farther away. While the line of DU fallout on hills in Allos might be assimilated to the European Union’s flag, it also fed a gas chamber practice in the heights of the Col de la Cayolle, that was there already in 2014, ready and waiting above Fours St-Laurent and Villard d’Abbas…

This picture that also allows to show the vegetation while it was before the crash shows the underground gas chamber bunker in its center left and the house serves as oven, the trees in the middle suffer from deformations and slight crematory fallout deposit because of that. I have seen much more recently this gas chamber in activity once.

The 2015 nazi operation was clearly thought, engineered from Brussels as I have shown and there is more proof of that. A local collective of private companies, in the Wagon area of Brussels, is served by a restaurant called Carette and my own experience related to visiting this place for getting a paper signed while I was interning for free with a lawyer (Dr Mahmoud Refaat) told me to check back this place, I found a lacustre (maar) deposit indicating crematory wash (after incinerations within small trucks…) at the rear of the place.

Note the “Gamma” construction materials firms as well as the Huldenberg (Hitler-Uranium-Hidden-Mountain) street and the Rue des Trois Arbres (all other trees killed) nearby in addition to the crematory lakes. While Henrik Hololei is to blame at DG Aviation you can see how he is a happy man, “gay homme”, here. In addition to the crematory lakes you can see related environmental destruction along indicating that it’s a mafia holding itself by erasing people who talk, in the headquarters.

Small vans have been mostly used in the harvest of victims of DU in the Germanwings crash area so far as I know. I caught this twice directly after my publication of my article on the Wuhan P4, since I knew some more opportunists would come to try to seize people, the main case was a Belgian-plated Volkswagen van with a smoking man and an Ukrainian-looking woman (it will later be confirmed she was an Ukrainian) and as well a medium Mercedes truck with a nametag “SS238” on a side, both brought by myself to the Direction des renseignements militaires, I know the first group was intercepted and killed. It clearly came from the Carette area. I have seen much more suspicious movements in this area before, was followed frequently, I know there are other crematory ovens, many were actually destroyed KAL-style last September after I proposed repeatedly that Gendarmes get bazookas to hit them from the soil (I invented a system that resulted in the Vampire weapon for the purpose of hitting these crematory ovens seated high on the mountains – the spinning nuclear motor used both for breeding rocket warheads and for heating up their launch pad for statolaunch). Six KAL-style crematory charges were dropped to use the antigraviton catch from crematory ovens on the soil to hit them and I think destroy them as since them their environmental influence stopped from showing.

As in the WTC where many firemen were gassed while fighting the flames, France’s Gendarmes forces suffered damages during the treatment of the slush from the crash of the Germanwings. The region still suffers from HEAVY environmental damage. The depleted uranium and crematory fallout for instance is still visible along in the St Etienne de Tinée area where trees have been totally splattered with an orange matter (my pictures were made in a way not centered about that but it’s visible in the background of the 2d pic for instance, in the background of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th pics). I never monitor the other side of the plume because it’s too far away from where I live but mountains west of the crash point also show their high contamination and it was clear when I surveyed that first that it went up to the Autoroute du Soleil, making for yellow corn fields in any season, as in the Ukrainian flag. Mountains of the other side for instance suffer very heavily. Up to the Mont Ventoûx it’s still very dense.

The erosion destroyed trees and permitted entirely the October 20th 2020 disaster. The death of trees from the DU and crematory fallout caused the rapid erosion that ended into a large collapse after the beginning of the cleaning of military DU in Canjuers liberated negatively-charged clouds that concentrated in the “next big area”. This disaster killed more than 20 persons and caused more than a billion of € of damage. Evidence shows up everywhere in the Vésubie that it’s a result of the erosion from the shuriken damage of DU that came from the Germanwings plume. Thanks to Google Streetview in one picture you can evaluate the before-after in this National Park area. The 2022 tags indicate where pictures from 2022 were aggregated by the system to fulfill the data dating overall from before the Germanwings crash, in 2014.

With modern technology and thanks to silent French governmental action we have managed to start a good clean-out of the area from DU, with Fermionic condensators and the local buildings & public works companies especially. This has improved the situation significantly in comparison to what it was still in late 2020. In this October 2021 set from Google Street View the area without clouds has already benefitted from Fermionic condensator antigraviton cleaning. It works perimeter by perimeter.

This is one of the first areas that benefitted from Fermionic condensator work after my SRR publication. Higher in the mountains it’s impossible and the heavy plumes indicate DU radioactivity attracting clouds

I first thought of the assimilation between the Valleys of the Mercantour and the Menorah while I was interning in Brussels in January 2013. I was stuck in a bad internship at the Région Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur office (see again my Brussels article above) and near me was a man specialist in “agricultural and canal issues” working for the 6 months that lasted the internship, he was paid more than three times as more than me while I found him less smart than me. I noticed he called the small black dog of another employee she brought to present it to the colleagues BC, Bernard Caillou, a namecode found much later more recently on a side of the Issole area that has been also heavily fallouted among stones and dead wood contaminated with DU.

He kind of imposed that name to her and I recognized much more recently that this BC code is a ritual code of the Bohemian Grove, a group whose traditions start with a Cremation of Care in 1881. This employee was found later dressed as a shepherd on slopes above St Paule sur Ubaye (last Summer), clearly again monitoring with still the independence project on their collective heads, on the name of “Piemont Sardaigne”. In this project the “pieds” i.e. idiot people have to be on the mountains. Ms Anna Lisa Boni comes from Sardaigne and benefits wholly in her Zelenskyi-style control of the area. Likewise his naziganemics joke : nazi groups in Ukraine behave as tsiganes since they move around to help the defense of the country. They first are involved into the cremation zyklon-B style of Orthodox Russian priests and Jews on the west and then can be eliminated zyklon-C or natrosol style for more power of the regime. This second step actually started.

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