The Roman Black Door in Germany and die Wolkenkratzer – problems of identification to crematory practices and dark skies in Germany

In my opinion, there is a clear pattern with German darky skies that come together with consumption of beer with alpha emitters and protection by having crematory practices more to the East as “solution” for testosterone loss creating depressing skies as national symbol entrenched by the flag. This pattern is unfortunately entrenched somehow by cultural elements not related to the Third Reich :

– The “Black Door” (Porta Nigra) represents an inheritage of the Ancient Roman Empire in Trier. Its structure allows a crematory oven within and a 2014 picture might suggest it was done once, with deuterium water. That monument creates in particular a cultural pattern of entry into the crematory practice for Germans living in the South-East of the USA, around US cities for instance in Georgia.

– The Black Door is not alone. The “Wolkenkratzer” name for skyscrapers creates another wiring-in of the pattern. That name (I was looking at an interesting Deutsche Welle videocast today on Rheinland-North-Westphalia) creates as well a theory where die volk once having through the “W-generating” machines, nuclear systems with crematory antigravitons, indeed shall pass above. That pattern is indeed protective for the issues related to alpha emitters and sunrays (loss of testosterone for instance – read for instance my scientific article on homosexuality here), although it is well known how German citizens rush to the South of Europe for holidays frequently.

In my opinion the blue of the Bavarian flag, also present on the heraldry of Heilbad Heiligenstad, is important and this blue is missing in the flag of Germany. It’s true that it may be associated with Prussian Blue and the wheel on the heraldry of Heilbad Heiligenstad suggests plutonium-from-mash, which is still acceptable in my opinion for warhead making in cases I have described in my “anthropometric study” scientific article. The flag of Mecklemburg-Vorpommern in particular reconciles my proposal with the structure of the current German flag by bringing back some yellow and black in and I would recommend a mix.

I would suggest :

– Treatment of beer into spinning nuclear motors, in the can or in the manufacture (it works ! already done by some beer companies)


– The change of flag, altogether with progressive adoption of a synonym for wolkenkratzer, as answer to the problems.

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