GTABSORB and the Ukraine’s failure : result of the crematory race to the bottom, versus the USSR’s initial measures against DU weapons

In the 1970s the KGB used crematory systems, in a way making it rightly sound like “cagibi” in French, with levers to control the intensity of the neutron source, it evolved later progressively, through a purge. Agent CKTRIGON, below, for instance, receives codelines that correspond to intensities for a crematory reactor under captagon, to avoid overheat (they play near the line, to try to plutogenize fast, but it corresponds).


Agent CKTRIGON was arrested in July 1977 by the KGB and committed suicide in its hands. This delineates the end of crematory activities of the KGB and replacement by sodium-mash.

The KGB in the 1980s was already clearly investigating on depleted uranium weapons, with varying results. The GTGENTILE case shows that the USSR was enquiring on DU weapons in the USA already. Valeri Martinov was in Washington DC in charge of scientific and technological spying, he’s arrested at the end of 1985 by the KGB after having been called back to Moscow. This is obviously because they had found many elements on DU weapons without him being involved. In fact his first and last name… Value… Marti-novo… the new marteau, DU weapons, created in him a strong incentive to defend the technology. The martinet is in French a kind of whip with small barbed wires, very homologous in behaviour to DU strikes. So he did nothing and is eventually executed by the KGB.

Competing to them, the crematory group of partisans of post-Hitlerism, with Adolf still in the background, proposing a crematory nivelling, with in particular the GTABSORB programme. Supporters of the crematory group can argue that the caught of their operation near Moscow led to the Chernobyl nuclear accident. It’s clear nevertheless that in psychological factors behind Alexei Navalny (Anatoly Dyatlov’s) decision to extract plutonium with the core not wholly shut down (root of the nuclear accident, with the positive void coefficient of the reactor at work) lays the inspiration of the Experimental Breeder Reactor II’s deliberate criticity, with a basin used for scattering the material, in front of several journalists invited for the event “aimed at proving breeder nuclear reactors can be shut down finely”, in the early 1980s. This might be the last big success of the CIA. Aldrich Ames’ denouncing of the GTABSORB led to the catch of the spying cargo set to cross from Japan to West Germany to spy on Soviet nuclear facilities, after the early promises of Mikhail Gorbatchev to reduce nuclear weaponry production and control the fuel cycle.

The GTABSORB is clearly at the root of Ukrainian ideology. Indeed they can see its failure as the unique reason of the development of the Vanguard nuclear reactor and its later burst. Not seeing that Navalny’s (Dyatlov’s) irresponsibility also spilled from the earlier experiment in the EBR-II. The argument is, simply, that crematory nuclear power usually don’t get brutal surcriticities because the nuclear fission intensity within is too weak. Which is why it’s pushed within the USSR indirectly through negotiations, that will success in part, with gassing adopted for the manufacture of shells for artillery – Alès Bialiatsky’s cursus brought him into an unit making such crematory shells, as pilot of a gassing van, at the end of the USSR, and that’s among the reasons he got the Peace Nobel prize, because the Peace Nobel prize stands for these cheap, disgusting ways.

It’s likely that after Soviet agents found out underwater wiretappers on their Eastern shore near Vladivostok (from the Ivy Bells operation that in my opinion laid wiretaps on the track of an old cable of the Khrushchev era that was to control the primitive doomsday ship (likely full of retchlagmash from his extermination camps) that Khrushchev proposed to have floating on the Pacific side), many DU mortar shells (U832-O) were brought in Ukraine and Bulgaria to make Soviet Ukraine and their brothers of Bulgaria able to defend themselves and the USSR altogether against similar wiretappers.

The city of Kyiev had in the Soviet ships a cruiser baptized after it. It carried SS-N-12 AShM, i.e. ash missiles. Certainly made from the crematory at the center of Kyiev.

Let’s also note how since their first disinformation on supposed missile siloing on the Donetsk/Luhansk side in October 2021, the website Sandboxx has likely converted heavy believers into ash in Ukraine…
Do you see how its building starts in the 2d half of the 1960s and the P500 is deployed from 1970 ?

It’s hence very clear that Ukraine has agglomerated, in particular with the Orange Revolution in 2014 allowing, all the elements of the “GTABSORB” ideology, which is also the Golf GTI ideology, i.e. the belief in the superiority of crematory for power, mixed into these Soviet elements, allowing the drift. The ICAN interests’ correlation with that allowing full United Nations support to “the Ukraine” – they’re also parallel and tied to those wishing a new Holodomor or simply exports of Ukrainian ash for crematory propulsion elsewhere. Although, perhaps, with the most recent changes allowed by the combination of Russian repression against crematory ovens and crematory reactors, and, after the splurge of the early weeks with DU weapons, eventual Western capitalist control (i.e. control of the “capitals” delivered, i.e. which weapons), in addition to sunflower plutogenization and certainly quite a lot of work with Fermionic subcritical condensators in the western side of the country, the Ukraine has found back a degree of mildly acceptable air pollution levels versus the earlier situation that was totally dramatic, the country fully fallouted.

The Polyus space defense system was launched by the USSR to defend it against depleted uranium strikes. It’s clear that by then they had understood that the Vietnamese were not victim of agent orange, a chemical, but of depleted uranium, and understood the basics of the slow but increasingly fast rise in radioactivity levels with daughter actinides. The issue of depleted uranium was in fact certainly understood by some people as soon as it was used. The movie Soylent Green was thought in 1973, evokes with HEU crematory-nitrogen plutogenization, just substituting human food for nuclear reactor / propulsion food. Long-term effects with DU radioactivity rise explaining the terrible heat of that summer in the movie, exactly like actual life in fact. And we had cannibalism during that war, in two occurrences at least in Ukraine, in a kebab and in a subcritical breeder for “vegan” meat exports.

The Polyus was loaded with a nuclear power system relying on extracts from victims of Chernobyl taken in medical premises with magnets, for its main power, and it seems also for the propulsion of the first rocket. At the same time the USSR was making its first radar unit also able to catch DU dust, the Tor M1. The Tor M1 can manipulate DU dust by catching it in its bottom shafts of missiles where a large magnet is set, it is plutogenized with heat and some nuclear motor from down under, it allows to fire back missiles. The system is also able to receive crematory oven cans for firing, which is why it received the NATO reporting name Scrum Half. Much earlier, in the early 1970s, the Tunguska defense system was the first crematory measure with a magnet against DU weapons.

The Polyus has some similarities with the Tor M2, basically made with plutonium from mash of Chernobyl victims treated carefully at the hospital it can also be produced (if a new weapon on the same model was made) in different ways. KGB defectors caught by Ames apparently were used for the second one.

The first Polyus system launch, needing a particular turn before the final departure into space in the low atmosphere, suffered a problem related perhaps to solar neutrons altogether with the nuclear overheat of the plutonium system below (engineers using Chernobyl fallout not having thought they were using not only plutonium but also heavier actinides with more powerful fission levels), causing its destruction in a “mash flash” which in my firm opinion is the origin of the “red wine” stain on Mikhail Gorbachev’s head.

The mash component’s organic part (as opposed to sodium, U, Pu and heavier actinides) is blatant in the second one and it’s also clearly of the shape of Gorbachev’s red wine mark. He was standing nearby and was fallouted. So he brought the next disarmament negotiations in Reykjavik to get a rest for his head…

It’s clear that GTABSORB attempted to level the floor worldwide to crematory, attempting to set up the world goyim order still embodied by the movie Wakanda Forever, with a name resonating with the K2 Black Panther of South Korea, a tank with a crematory reactor filled with chlorine and hydrogen for pseudo-napalm shots in addition to the crematory shells (“zyklon-ClH”). The point of the movie that includes a “trial of French soldiers” is obviously that “Mali would be better with such weapons”. By “mbak’u” i.e. baking with uranium, using DU victims… The continuation of GTABSORB is in the Balkans Wars ; although the use of crematory systems by Serbian forces caused the war against them, Petr Pavel’s extraction of the French soldiers in 1993 allowed to conceal to them the truth on the later massive use of crematory systems by UN forces. He’s also a former Communist, he joined the Czechoslovak Communist Party in 1985 after training in the Czechoslovak Army as paratrooper. Then the coming to power of Barack Obama in the USA and of François Hollande in France allowed to press forward. Barack Obama’s Nobel Prize for his declaration about nuclear disarmament, altogether with strikes north of Pakistan with drones and DU ATGMs, opened a large market for crematory weapons, encouraging obscurantism largely worldwide. The presence of Catherine Ashton at the head of the EEAS also made the EU “Hilton of the ashes”, she was an administrator of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament at the end of the 1970s and the early 1980s and frequently dresses in black, her haircut also indicating readiness to handle crematory oven ashes.

It’s also interesting to find a character of the same name in the Marvel fandom (Marvel being the company responsible for Wakanda Forever).

Marvel has an interest in encouraging radioactive pollution and in particular radiobiological effects associated with crematory or mash so that new mutations happen, offering them new sources of inspiration. Ok here’s the truth : my parents lived in Le Luc en Provence around 1986-87. Under Canjuers DU fallout.

François Hollande’s laxism led him to talk of partial reduction of the French nuclear arsenal at some point, I even started a petition against that then. Ms Ashton is baroness of Upholland.

It’s also consistent with the name of a gun of English and Italian forces, in its newer version brought to Ukraine powered by a Fermionic subcritical condensator, associated with an half-railgun favouring crematory warheads. Basically crematory warheads disintegrate if they’re full railgunned and the FH70 fit for crematory received an half-railgun even more appropriate. Sodium-mash corresponds to a 75% railgun.

I know that it’s Mario Draghi’s insistence that got the nuclear sign added onto the extremely small Fermionic subcritical condensator used in the new FH70 delivered to Ukraine, that have been used in several zyklon railgun strikes (particularly rapid “black” strikes causing local damage, still without any flash at impact). (The condensator produces the electricity accelerating the warhead in the gun.)

There is a funny coincidence with my Triga subcritical model, that I proposed in an email to the Ukrainian navy for Ukrainian self defense against DU strikes before the conflict (this led to their crematory deviance in a number of hospitals… and their making of the Shturm-SM that uses it for its crematory plutogenization, while my article was never thought for setting up crematory ovens, it’s essentially a reaction against covid19 vaccines) and a case denounced to the KGB by Aldrich Ames, GTMOTORBOAT. The Bulgarian agent hired by the CIA in 1989, bearing this codename, wasn’t arrested by the KGB unlike the others.

There is also the case of Sergueï Motorine (GTGAUZE) – he clearly had an interest in preferring crematory motors for killing (“motoring”), creating support in DU weapons. He was like Martinov arrested and killed by the KGB after Aldrich Ames’ denounciation.

This shows that the KGB enforced strictly and a line related to depleted uranium weapons, minding hence essential human rights. Those who don’t understand Vladimir Putin’s decisive acts are obviously those who don’t care about DU. Because they’re supporters of the “GTABSORB” world, linked to nuclear disarmament campaigns, which screwed Ukraine, until the most recent months.

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