China’s zyklon-C powered icebreaker and other crematory stories from T34-85m inheritors

The era of long-distance zyklon-C travel has certainly been inaugurated by the Strizh 141 missile strike against Croatia, which has shown how the specific antigravitons work superbly by hitting an area with a student residence.

The Ukrainian T34-84m did not drive long however, because chlorine needs peculiar designs, the Tu141 received changes to fit it to it. Which is why it’s dubbed improvised by the source.

Let’s be clear that there are two Ukrainian T34-85m, one was recently donated from Tiraspol and is clearly the one above, there was another painted with Ukrainian colours elsewhere.

It’s clear the one with the white colour is the green one (that was carrying a red star initially) converted with zyklon-C and whitened by pressure transfer of the chlorine outside.

The Chinese nuclear research has also popped up a zyklon-C powered icebreaker. The zyklon-C is boiled, in this model, to foster larger-facies (sorry) propulsion, on all the front of the icebreaker. The Wuhan 701 Research Institute is key in this programme.

Here are the key extracts from the Diplomat’s article :

The face transfer on the ice at the front is visible. It’s the antigraviton effect related to the victims inside, with S-metolachlore used in my opinion as crematory chemical.

Regarding Tiraspol’s donation of a T34-85m to Ukraine, it’s key to know there is a Zelinsky museum near the area of the tank.

Do you want to sleep in Elektromash Hotel ? See the Ordzhonikidze street ?

Yeah seriously. There.

It corresponds to this one. Serious sources told me the Tiraspol tank was removed from its monument.

Let’s note that Tiraspol’s environment “benefits” from the massive use of crematory nitrogen, for the relative green of its vegetation. It’s actually in my opinion that the zapad-like military exercizes in some areas housing periurban inhabitations, converted into silent crossways of streets and trees, have inspired the Ukrainian military and the policies of war of Pres. Volodymir Zelenskyi with the idea that “crematory can support tree regrowth”.

If you look well, the “zapadnoë” policy has its own cemetery. To be clear it’s obvious that all areas of peri-urban combat in Ukraine with crematory systems used are areas of war because those responsible for the war policy saw this area of Tiraspol and concluded that inn some conditions, crematory can support tree life. If you look well it’s small trees, the vegetation isn’t very diversified. It’s obvious that all the inhabitants were removed and that life has developed through nitrogen crematory operations. Similarly as the results there from DDR-descending Bundeswehr soldiers doing experiments as well recently. Compare with Moldovan farmfields : in the Tiraspol perspective the crematory nitrogen appears to have regrown some plants. It’s in fact a question of perspective versus what capitalism allows…

To conclude : in the perspective of the Transnistrians, the main issue in Moldova is this palace which is clearly an uranium shower system (a large gas chamber)…

Uranium and crematory contamination is visible with the blur, dirt on the glass, and cloud accumulate on the shape of the tower above it. In the perspective of victims of communism, Russians for instance, and in myself, it’s terribly irritating to see this palace still standing up, it’s akin to a remain of Ceausescu’s Securitate. Terribly annoying and unacceptable in a democratic government. Where calls to a democratic assembly can conceal gassing of the called upon.

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