How the ICC harms health in Africa right now – crematory plumes and the spread of the “Hofmansky model”

The ICC’s total irresponsibility and personal phantasms of Piotr Hofmansky on the model of his own last name – off-man through the sky – has led into a large amount of crematory oven ashes above Africa – which, because thick fumes like that seem to signify industrialization, also creates speculation of a transfer of primitive industries in the country. There is solely Pakistan’s export of crematory oven tanks around Mozambique / Madagascar after I told the Kahuta Labs that there is a deep association of crematory tanks with the packing of faeces into the rectum for male boners (i.e. nationalist boners, also the disease of the Ukraine, implicit in my article on latent homosexuality in From an Einstein Syndrome to the People) that has happened, but it’s a priori unrelated, except if the tanks served to catch Janjawids before another step of incineration in the African Carrots. That’s what’s happening. The ICC decided death penalty for the Janjawids.

The weather above Africa before the decision was remarkably clean still, in terms of crematory ashes, although airborne DU remains a dire issue. For instance :

The decision of the ICC created however a tragic plume of crematory oven ashes, still ongoing. Below the first two days after the decision.

The situation has kept on evolving dangerously. The African Carrot isn’t an human incinerator and that’s why the effects show up.

Still today a terrible situation :

It’s clear that the idea is taking root. International institutions like the UN need lots of bacteriological diseases around to create activity for their civil servants wanting to look elsewhere than DU weapons. Plus, based on the model they will be able to blame me later. While it’s the ICC that decided the mass killing.

There has been a separate problem earlier related to DPRK-sponsored elimination of autists in two African Carrots north of the Mali area, as protocol to foster Algerian complaints about French nuclear tests and silence the effects of DU (eliminating effects shown in my scientific article about autism). The DPRK is an ally of Ukraine.

Here’s the blade used to mince bodies, in Pyongyang :

The effects of the activities in the south of Algeria :

Natural justice (remember my Pandora box scientific article) then comes back with Fermionic channelling, simply through the airplane returning after the butchery of autists actually (remember the red colour of the blades) :

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