Talion law in silence leads to failure – how to end the “eternal return” of crematory practices

The story of the discovery of radioactivity at the end of the 19th Century has to be linked to the well-known uranium resources of Bohemia-Moravia, discovered very early too. This led me to connect the dots between the precise content of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kämpf” and more recent observations on crematory ovens. The use of the crematory technology was already understood in Vienna and north of the Danube in the early 1900s and used to power tramways. This can be also related to a saying in Jacques Rossi’s testimony on the Gulag where gangrape in the wagons bringing the gulag inmates to Magadan was called, in his words “passer sous le tramway”, indicating knowledge culturally encroached. See also the case of the POUM-CNT for another example. To quote René Miloš in History of Uranium Mining in Central Europe,

The German chemist Klaproth in 1789 detected a new element, uranium, by analysing pitchblende from the Johanngeorgenstadt silver deposit. Its name (uranit, later uranium) was derived from the planet Uranus, discovered in 1781 by F.W. Herschel. Later, A.H. Becquerel discovered the phenomenon of radioactivity. His student Marie Sklodowska-Curie by study of some pitchblende samples, including samples from the Jáchymov uranium deposit, recognised that pitchblende has higher radioactivity as pure uranium salts. Later, together with her husband P. Curie, in 1898, they discovered two new elements: radium and polonium. Radium was used in self-luminous paints and in medicine to produce radon gas.

It’s clear that radon gas became used immediately by bankers to kill debtors that would not pay back. Altogether certainly with uranium, for less glowy – radiating cases. The resulting radioactive human ash used for tramway power in particular. This is obvious based on the wide pictographic disruptions on colour videos of the Vienna of these days, when tramways in particular are nearby – and it was also used in hybrid propulsion by horse carriages, with the horse pressurizing the human ashes to accelerate the system. I don’t think at all that fission was understood, it was simply “radioactivity power” – crematory. Let’s start with a good quality image from the sample to better see afterward the photon absorption related to nano-black hole effect (nuclear compression due to the human ashes, whose size is increased by the nuclear heat and radiation, creating due to the cycle a nano-black hole inside, that captures photons around).

Let’s then observe what happens near tramways. Youtube link. Each tramway clearly attracts light, creating obscurity around.

In those two below the photon catch is even more obvious with small Bose-Einstein condensates of light attracted by the tramway passing behind.

Blood radiation – gamma transfer of the “mash” content of this tramway

Below another clean image, for you to better see the photon absorption on the next one :

Uranium in human ashes in my opinion in this one. The radioactive effect is visible with a dominance of the shuriken effect and quantum tunneling of the shattered photons.

There is in my opinion a gas chamber – crematory oven in the building on the bottom to the very right :

The Credit Anstalt’s growth and subsequent failure shows verily the developments. The Credit Anstalt gets a new building in 1909 on the Schottengasse, a streetname verily talkative on the practices – gas to shut down. It develops through gassing practices, but there is overspeculation, as presented already in my economics article on the crematory oven system and economic growth, and with a delay relative to the distance from New York it collapses in 1931. The same speculation on retrieval of fissile alpha emitters on corpses, obviously, eventually tore it down.

Another case of photon capture by nano-black hole. It’s obviously stronger when it stops because the absence of energy dissipation through carriage movement fosters more pressurization inside, which is why it’s blatant there.

Also used to cheat during horse carriage races ! That’s the first competitor.

A crematory oven has clearly been presented in this artpiece of the Viennese times, with the victim on its side it seems :

Another datapiece shows another heavy black hole effect, that can’t be dubbed “nano”, going exactly under the stairs of the Parliament… (datation imprecise : 1900 / 1940)

So this explains how the Austrian democracy collapsed and was taken over by Adolf Hitler. The reading of Mein Kampf shows that the first “Jew” that he met was difficultly defined as “Jew” by himself, and the black caftan is a cloth clearly made to cover crematory oven contamination. The failure of Adolf Hitler will be using simply uranium and radium gassing against those using it, without explaining why exactly he was retaliating. It seems he was actually the moustachioed man with a hat visible behind a tramway on one of the pictures above actually. Same size. Similar moustache.

(It’s true that smelly people in a caftan are disgusting… remember too all these Muslims hunted down for islamism, Shia Muslims especially)

Actually here’s another much more recent example (yesterday !). The US Navy’s order system within ships is much crematory leading to many UFOs related to accidents (sublevation of crematory matter in a criticity), evolving certainly to sodium now. The Navy Federal credit union makes use of it for filling up gaps and offering credit, through daily advertising in DefenseNews.com – the seller always dressed in a black toga.

For a comparison with radiation, another example. I know that toilets (WCs) have started to be turned into uranium showers in some places, I discovered that in the Roselend barrage area in the French Alps, an area covered of separatist tags (supporting the “Europe des régions”, in basque and for “Occitania” in a clear latently nazi style) and have been able to find back proof :

I saw when passing around a wooden cardboard toilet with a roof allowing pouring of uranium and a crematory material behind which you see in use, radiating, on the right picture, exactly like some of the tramways above. Blue machinery indicates preparation for contamination with Prussian Blue during the building, the white van in the middle next to it already full of uranium and radiating. The EU has renewed its ban on export of toilets to Russia actually yesterday…


Remember that’s also how wind power works. It’s not only the Holodomor and the Florence hurricane but a general rule, although old graves in magmatic areas can also create some winds, which explains how the Conquistadores reached to the Aztecs so easily (mass graves under their sacrificial pyramids). Inflation of size of organic matter under heat increases compression and with air in the organisms, under nuclear pressure, it creates specific antigravitons that mean wind. Men can remember how their penile organ isn’t big when they need to pee out in the cold if they don’t believe me.

The purges in Moscow under Stalin were also clearly targeting crematory practices. In addition to the case of the POUM-CNT, it’s clear that the Red Army purges also eliminated personnel with crematory practices, that were cremated, which is why there is no testimony on that side unlike “zeks”. This shows up in this 1937 painting of Moscow, where some crematory ovens are still visible, in three rooms with some leaks, but a very significant improvement of air quality around cars and on the street caught the painter’s attention.


So it’s clear that both Hitler and Stalin acted in reprisals to crematory practices, to eliminate them with full deterrence, and likely that criteria of selections of Nazis for the Holocaust were related to uranium exposure and crematory oven antigravitons deforming the bodies. In the Soviet Union the Kalinin-K7 was a very large plane flying with HEU in an oscillating format turning its blades, it’s another indicator. It’s clear Stalin repressed crematory practices. Tukhachevsky’s hair and eyebrows show crematory contamination, likewise his black spot.

It’s also exactly the case of the Russian special operation against Ukraine, which started because Western powers, the UK and USA as well as Estonia, aligned thousands of depleted uranium ATGMs at the border, the NLAWs being conjugated with chlorine, and this together with crematory oven tanks, esp. the new-generation Shturm-SM. But Russian Armed Forces destroy crematory ovens with better nuclear weapons that reduce the crematory content of the plumes thanks to acute levels of fission and the scattering allowed by the powerful blast, making very difficult the Bose-Einstein and Fermionic condensation at the root of new bacteria / viruses from the human ash DNA/RNA. It reduces the level of biological risk. Later, with Western weapons deliveries of higher standard, and my development of the sunflower plutogenization rapidly taken up by Raytheon and Lockheed, the level of Ukrainian troops also improved significantly.

More recently have emerged identical talion practices, where very reliable testimonies allow me to detail what happened.

In the case above in January 2023 in Lviv it’s clear that Ms Ursula von der Leyen asked for natrosol killing of crematists, identified through their black coat and latently homosexual groupism. There is a question on the one in a white top but he nevertheless seems to be pushing to not enter in the room…

My article on the Korea War inspired rearing of the key issue of chinazis, and elimination of two traitors to the CCP was done. The woman reincarnated as birds through elimination on the reactor on your right. That’s why she “speaks” to the journalist, unlike the man. See also that case with retchlags. The two guys rebel to the dissolution of the IRSN into the ASN (at the end of this article) were also incinerated (see also end of this article for the chinazi proof), together with another bunch of IRSN chinazi people after the decision of President Emmanuel Macron, explaining the rise in microparticulates in the French atmosphere a few days ago. I know that the choice of incineration results from the fact that Pres. Volodymir Zelenskyi was in the Elysée palace when the IRSN case was discussed and proposed incineration as method, with locations he knew.

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