Maraş, haven for crematory ovens using refugees full of DU, destroyed by a subterraneous strike

When posting on growth rates in Europe (cf. my scientific article on crematory ovens and economic depression – The Crematory Oven System, Economic Depression and Associated Societal Problems. 2022; 1(2); 1-3 Journal of Biotechnology and its Applications) I cut out the margins a bit because I don’t have any way to host migrants so I decided to remain silent on the issue, which I knew very well thanks to the growth map, of the eating of migrants contaminated with DU in south-east Turkey. Which you can see with the small blue dot in the middle of the ocean of Turkish economic growth…

It was confirmed by wind data again recently after lots of seeings earlier…

The Syrian Presidency of Bashar al Assad took measures since these ovens in southeast Turkey killed refugees fleeing depleted uranium, they were contaminated by DU weapons.

Crematory ovens killing refugees see an effect of the sands also on the refugees together with the DU. It creates with the specific antigravitons a rise of soils under the ovens. Opening cavities.

So the gentle nuclear warhead triggers simply a collapse of the areas with the crematory ovens, destroying precisely the dirty buildings and saving the clean ones, because this heavy architecture is resilient to P waves (“bounces up and down”, thought for a population with natality ongoing…).

Another example with uranium showering columns very visible on the sides of contaminated buildings where solar plutogenization of corpses on top layers was also clearly used. Destroyed oven area nearby and zyklon-C fire.
More crematory tracks visible where it collapsed. Precisely. The rest stands still without damage.
All the areas with damage bear crematory tracks. All were ovens to incinerate migrants with DU. It’s very clear how other buildings are perfectly standing well.

I don’t know if the “SR” missions sent to there are Actually cleaning with sodium reactors, I hope the water spinning system is used to reduce radioactivity of the rubble. There is nothing else to do. Pres. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has to be thanked for shutting down Twitter after noises of people complaining for the slow help.

I called the underground torpedo “Torpille Vulcain”. It’s not a Sismondist weapon because Sismondi’s low tech inspiration clearly contains the seeds of crematory ovens. It’s a seismic weapon. Very different. In one of its versions, the main one, a David Star of Rn222 is laser-accelerated to create the blast. It’s very compatible with the Orthodox Cross pattern for the shape of the torpedo and its drilling gears. It’s the most efficient way to build in the equivalent of an implosion sphere, and the shark / manta ray pattern needed is most compatible with the Orthodox Cross. The pattern at the epicenter shows that the Syrian Arab Republic opted for the pure Orthodox Cross, a single large one, certainly from their own stocks and without any crematory detonator (I had made my drawing while in the Haute Ubaye, above the St Antoine chapelle, I only had one pen, of black colour, and so the double shaped charge of my initial draft, before the idea of the David Star of Rn222 also presented on the paper in writing, with my black pen appears to be an incitation to crematory but it’s not intended and you don’t get a Mag 7,8 with crematory – only a clean Teller-Ullam. It’s not sodium-mash given the rubble descent in a diagonal shape that corresponds with a single circular detonation underground, see here for an earlier example).

The long-term welfare of the people in Turkey will clearly benefit. The ovens caused a biological risk. They slowed down economic growth in the area too. The buildings destroyed were ugly. It’s a very good step forward.

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