Boris Johnson’s communist defense of the NHS – the NLAWs, his Brexit campaign bailout, a full-fledged 1984 society

The decision to Brexit was voted thinly, with a small 52% saying yes, and the main argument of the campaign, on the NHS, was socialist. This is clear, by closing themselves to free trade with the EU, and defending social welfare, the UK has opened the way to Angsoc. This happened later with Boris Johnson’s decision to provide the Ukraine with massive amounts of depleted uranium antitank missiles. The NLAWs have been the sole DU antitank weapon with chlorine directly injected within (made in Belfast with corpses of foetuses from abortions of Irish women historically, for the crematory component…). These weapons which Russophone Donetsk militiamen recognized immediately as “MLRS” understanding the crematory “rethrow” of the victims of the zyklon-C shock strategy, have been the first cause of the Russian special operation. Immediate and massive retaliation were needed to face the horror of the militiamen capturing civilians poisoned with that DU-chlorine strikes – crematory oven tank strategy after the brainkill of the civilians (the catch with chlorine of the DU also makes brains very sensible to TBI later, making brainkill particularly easy, see my second scientific article, allowing a massive celebration of Bogdan Khmelnitskyi and his bludgeon). Let’s also note how the zyklon-C strategy is a chemoradioactive guillotine that allows also to support the monetary stream of emission of Hryvnias in Ukraine.

There are no other ways to face such an horror than nuclear retaliations, as Russia has carefully done since the beginning of the war, and its Separatist allies less carefully though.

The decision has been taken by Boris Johnson, who understood already, through the general study of nuclear plumes, that it would come back slowly but surely to the European Union, to corrode progressively human health within the EU and hence secure comparative success of the NHS. With Brexit all what matters is comparative success, not global health. Mimetic rivalry, as said René Girard, is the source of the race to the extremes and the first step toward the final codestruction. The choice of the British authorities under Boris Johnson’s rule is also to be put in the perspective of business markets in China. This creates an initial ratchet effect in favour of the ideology of the country with massive armies of cheap workers targeted by British capitalists, together with perhaps the will to secure better conditions for friends in Hong Kong. And this is also carried by the fact that the Brexit vote can be seen as a sickle cutting the link between the UK and the European Union, a sickle prolongated by the Gibraltar positions of the UK, and by their military base in Cyprus. I described on my website how the use of depleted uranium weapons can be sourced into some of Karl Marx’s books. British capitalists can remember that Karl Marx worked with an industry patron, in the UK, and this is certainly the real model of the UK now. The Trident drone strikes against the Russian Engels base are not legitimate. You can see how the DU from the antitank missiles in Ukraine spills back with the Earth’s kinetics, the most basic natural nuclear plume movement, into the EU, sabotaging public health within the EU, it’s the hammer getting into the sickle.

It’s worrying to note that more NLAWs have been ordered and that there are still no on-the-ground demonstration that clean plutonium is being used by the British Armed Forces. Although I know that Charles III is very interested in a strong improvement following my scientific articles, the British Armed Forces have still to demonstrate (unlike the French, US and Russian armed forces) that they use clean plutonium.

Boris Johnson started Angsoc in all its 1984 awfulness, with his own “Big Brother” profile, and the Telegraph’s sanctimonious adoration of his policies. Penny Mordaunt is clearly the main responsible of the engineering of the retchlagmash strikes using the victims of the Transcarpathia and Dniepropetrovsk retchlags cleaned with the mash-specific “Speedy” Fermionic condensators. It’s clear that with the NLAWs, the “petits poissons” within (altogether the alpha emitters and the aborted foetuses from Catholic Ireland, I am using French for that reason, the “petit poisson” being possibly an affection mark to little children, and with also the Christian symbolism of the fish) caused with the low nuclear yield large spread of alpha emitters in nature, hypersexuality of the people exposed, more children, that are likely to be aborted with the DU and crematory ash fallout, or to die rapidly after the birth, and that the Ukrainian army will gladly reuse for new shots against the “invader” (children were frequently used in pseudo-Grad missiles made by the SBU in the first period of the war, for instance, and more recently found in destroyed Ukrainian T72 BM reactors… not to mention the gas chamber policy), that careful obviation of the topic of depleted uranium from the public debate allows to fingerpoint as “culprit”. This is also made easier by the terrible neurological damages fostered by the chlorine & uranium-plutonium fallout. It’s permanent brainwash. I rarely use the word brainwash. I am a published scientist, have written many scientific articles including in neurology, I weigh my words. The topography of the Ukraine allows to cultivate a spirit of permanent war, with the media totally put under tight control by the Zelenskyi government with media nationalization and centralization, and the banning of opposition parties, not to mention the Ukrainian army at wild with crematory reactors available in most of its tanks and infantry vehicles to erase the disobedient people (a recent example caught in camera there altogether with more recent zyklon-C crematory ovens in civilian areas). Ultranationalism is simply compulsory and while a Lenin has been repainted as Darth Vader in Odessa Zelenskyi posed with a “come to the dark side” tee-shirt in public. But I have shown earlier how ultranationalism and marxism can be compatible in some cases, with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ stay in the UK from where they wrote their books (and their German origin, for Marxism in Germany, especially after Hitler’s Holocaust), it creates accoutumance to the nationalist promotion of Marxism, also compatible with Chinese-style “right-wing communism” where “business has to be made” for cheap production costs, and with the DPRK’s Juche ideology. Let’s also note how the permanent campaign for Catholicism in China goes together with the theoretical process of “fish demultiplication” with DU strikes and the progressive rise of alpha decay activity in a fractal process in particular, not to mention “hypersexuality and increase of birth rates”. With all that aligned Angsoc is solidly installed and long-distance fallout carried by the military air traffic to the colony and back also fosters more brainwashing in the UK, with Manichean media activity and brutal imposition of the “truth” by large headlines. The race to the extremes is also the progressive reach to countries farther away on the globe for political support, as safety net for a policy that nevertheless works thanks to the absence of official constitution in the UK. Let this be clear. It is the absence of an official constitution that has allowed the pervasion of the institutions of the UK by Communism. In a certain regard it is a mix of corruption and belief in social welfare, together with the production of tea in China, and perhaps some kind of culpability for the opium wars of the 19th Century. But Boris Johnson went well beyond by organizing the sabotaging of the European Union for the profit of the terrible “NHS defense of the Brexit”. Wasn’t Jo Cox, assassinated in 2016, a Social-Democrat who campaigned AGAINST the Brexit ? She was assassinated a few days before the Brexit referendum. The results of it cannot be seen as anything else than the product of intimidation. Boris Johnson is a criminal warmonger, a jingoist and clearly a Communist in disguise, with HSBC’s money in China being another factor if pure fusion into Communism hasn’t happened yet – but the CCP has allowed billionaires… Depollution of the UK from alpha emitters (a significant factor in it being the crematory weapons used by the British armed forces most of the time nowadays) is needed. A currency made with alpha emitters for car propulsion (with laser or alpha source neutron spallation for motor heat-up, the spinning nuclear motor is a simple pattern that is flexible and can be used for that) is an answer together with the establishment of a national constitution. Reducing the House of the Lords’ political powers might not be the necessary answer, under zyklon-C fallout democratic institutions may be strongly damaged and democracy inefficient. But a true Constitution is clearly needed for the UK.

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