David Koresh reincarnated as Dmytro Kuleba – Waco in Ukraine

It’s clear that the Branch Davidians in Waco were a cult organized around the “rebirth” of corpses through their plutogenization. This was at least the knowledge of David Koresh who took over in 1987. The flag of the Branch Davidians show very well a sperm entering in the hole within an anti-squeezed atom, such as U238.

The resemblance between David Koresh and Dmitro Kuleba is quite shocking I think.

Reading the story of the Branch Davidians shows that their concept of the shepherd’s rod is the theoretization of a depleted uranium arrow shell. It was founded in 1929, a true indicator, given the chronology of the discovery of nuclear fission, and of the first economic crisis related to miscalculations on highly enriched uranium retrieval on corpses, that it’s the idea of DU plutogenization in corpses that emerges at the same time and is the founding principle for the Branch Davidians. It’s also true that there is a direct pattern with the usual APFSDS DU shell for the Catholic cross, with the sabot sometimes very obvious, but with the Branch Davidians it’s even more obvious. The red dots in the diagonal suggesting blood dripping during the plutogenization. With the “nitro” principle and the “couler bas” (“ma nitro coule bas”) there is a pattern with the Melitopol oncology department “Aktion T4” to blame Kuleba directly for that. Now as the conflict has advanced, the closest to this is certainly the Paladin howitzer, which produces its own crematory shells within. Arriving near Ukraine…

The Paladin receives shells without warhead and has a crematory system within, for making most of the crematory material of the warhead, although a tiny clean plutonium tip (with captagon ?) is then added at the very front.

It’s clear that in this model cremation is done using deuterium water, explaining the glow, and the nature of the black pour below. (It allows the resulting crematory material to behave somehow as a neutron source at impact)

The Branch Davidian cult was centered about “resurrecting the dead” through corpse plutogenization, and it’s clear that the Ukraine has behaved like that during all of this year. It went up to swathes of coffins buried with ropes under for rapid later retrieval and plutogenization. Alive or dead, all victims on the Ukrainian side (of the DU, of Ukrainian strikes and tanks… of Russian and allied counterattacks…) have been plutogenized, which is why mass burial sites are solely found on the Russian side. The FBI gassed Waco in 1993 and in a certain allegorical way the US federal government did the same on the Ukraine, but it did not help at all, feeding in fact the zombie walking process.

It may actually be suggested that the 1993 FBI attack on the Branch Davidians was guided by the US federal government’s understanding that it does not work very well, two years after the Desert Storm operation that was clearly inspired directly by the Branch Davidians, since their flag includes a David Star and an essential motive of the operations against Saddam Hussein’s regime was that it was systematically threatening Israel, with long-range artillery and petrodollars for the Palestinian insurgency in addition to chemical weapons programmes and genocide of Kurds, which are genetically related to Jews. The first US experiments of corpse plutogenization with DU had certainly showed the resulting low yield and the rise of cancers among the veterans had also certainly been noted altogether with sterilization effects that were totally contradictory with the idea ; it was decided that the cult could not inspire the US federal government anymore. But it clearly reincarnated in Ukraine after the Orange Revolution. I actually deal with reincarnation after cremation in my most recent scientific article on megaviruses and superbacteria in Trends in Internal Medicine. I recommend reading it entirely !

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