Bad ideology in South Africa, a compendium of cases on environmental ultraidealism and pure racism (Pu239-re).

The observation of South Africa presents a varsity of cases that include three remarkable examples that I want to show you.

The idea of forcing people to clean behind them the trash on beaches, and to condemn people with overinflated egos, by cremating them, is the first example. There is crematory fallout all around. People not cleaning trash (bottles, cans…) on beaches behind them incinerated in wind turbines. The fallout under the wind turbines is in my opinion much worse than some cans and bottles on the beaches. Trees are polluted, of a tiny size, browned, it’s not full blackening but it’s disgusting nevertheless.

Note also the Mighty Men Conference in the same image, there is a crematory tokamak under the green circle that replaced earlier open air crematory practices whose large fallout is visible more to the southeast. The Mighty Men Conference tokamak created fallout all to the north with the first 20 minutes of work of these motors with the natural radium not having captured enough to fission (less fission, more fallout because it doesn’t Bose-Einstein with the fission products’ beta decay).

Zoom on the wind turbines :

This might look correct for an inhabitant of Catalunya but with the health standards of vegetation in South Africa’s southern coast it’s terribly poor and devastated.

Let’s zoom on the Bose-Einstein of the ashes from the crematory motors made near the Might Men Conference’s underground tokamak. The antigravitons of the crematory tokamak bring them back near it. You see that it’s mostly meateaters, since a large cow / bull emerges (cows having 60 chromosomes, it’s larger), a dick, and a foetus, allowing to diagnose feminazism.

All the north of the area is of a terribly poor vegetal state with regards to the standards of the southern strip of South Africa, which is ESSENTIAL for that country given the high natural radioactivity in most of the inland.

Older area of crematory practices with pickups and similar vehicles used for the burn, similar to examples in this.

I also would note that while I did recommend to a few “white-dominated” communities in South Africa the African Carrot for their own energy, using criteria of relative isolatedness and high uranium availability for also local agricultural improvement, I did not contact the municipality below that not only tried widely, in many gardens of civilians, but used the crematory mode systematically, crematory mode intended for small African communities (in the sense of Black people) to allow independent security, without non-African intervention. This results in a local disaster. Aggregation at a distance of the fallout reconstitutes the aggregated crematory African carrot, the sum of all the crematory African Carrots of the gardens. You see in it the white ashes from the bones in the middle of the sludge. It causes significant pollution extending more to the West altogether. Black people, obviously, were cremated in this White village and they got their natural retaliation.

Let’s note die Blou Huis in the middle, sounding like blow job brothel. So Pompei 2 is another correct name for that result ! Using prostitutes as cleaners of alpha emitters before incinerating them to try to make the “double whammy” of extracting money from the customers, first, and energy, later, gets you this kind of result.

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