Confirmation of the tremendous density of the DU plume of the April 14th 2018 strikes on Syria

The satellite data from confirms entirely the data exhibited first there. It also shows the bigger extent. While the data is entirely confirmed it shows that a large component of the plume went above Italy and reached to Germany. Croatia was also covered. Here is before. The ships advancing, full of DU weapons, have emissions above them, exactly as with the weapons described in my glioblastoma article. So there is already a track on DU Ex(pelled).

People will surely ask if Syria was “too clean” and why the crematory tokamak in Algeria wasn’t targeted instead. Knowledge on crematory tokamak antigravitons wasn’t available yet for most people I think except in close circles of Nazis. Ms Florence Parly’s name sounding like Paris, the mixed crematory-oven-with-blood readiness of the weapons brought into Paris for the 14th of July défilé (for a simple qu’un sang impur abreuve nos sillons public order reason, although inspired by Tito’s methods, and with her hair colour confirming) indicate that she is well outside nazi circles and President Emmanuel Macron too for some obscure Rothschild reasons.

The data then confirms the path of the cloud.

Initial path of the DU plume, reaches Montpellier
Passing above Italy and reaching Greece

I had stopped there in my article. The DU data shows that it actually spreads a bit like a weasel, to Germany, Poland and then Belarus. Reproducing natural justice by covering countries where political decision hadn’t yet taken into account at all the issues with DU weapons.

Then as you know the Russian Ministry of Defense presented the ram used in a Tomahawk rapidly after the strikes from an unexploded missile. The cloud had passed above Russia, and study shows that it was in fact going toward Alaska. Why did I always boycott Frank McKenzie in Donald Trump’s team (as opposed to Mark Milley) is certainly related to that.

Above Ukraine and reaching Russia and Abkhazia
Crossing to Russia

The cloud then merrily travels toward the next responsible of the DU weapons policy, Kazakhstan.

It then is aspirated above Siberia where cold winds allow faster travel (cold air is good for health). Travels toward Alaska as I said. The fact is observable through but not very interesting to show. It’s clear that the reverse magnet effect from the DU accumulated in the Balkans and in Afghanistan in particular creates the catapult effect.

Let’s also note that at the same time the Chinese communist party does a large cremation party in Xinjiang to produce a cloud looking like a man and defame the three countries operating the strikes, that nevertheless doesn’t merge with the DU plume for simple reasons of Bose-Einstein condensation (like putting hydrogen along with people cremated that were insufficiently fatty to compensate, it doesn’t work, the hydrogen doesn’t penetrates and doesn’t moderate fission neutrons within). Communist China, always here to help. But it’s nevertheless clear that the shapes of the few human victims of the strikes killed immediately at the impact (including one looking like an old IRGC guard with a curved back and a long head like Assyrians, one fatty Hezbollist and a Franquist / someone of Bashar al Assad’s family), with the fission at impact, are taken in the plume.

Epidemiology shows some reasons to worry. But the data suggests that the main long-term effect might nevertheless have been France’s victory against Croatia at the 2018 World Cup, since we get mostly benign tumours rising on the long term in Italy although there is an impressive initial rise of lung cancer that suffers from some data imprecision, or simply coincidence ?

The lung cancer peak

The benign tumour rise is the clear effect of proliferation with some alpha decay activity of the DU with some solar neutrons reducing through fission nevertheless the internal intake. It’s also because usually contamination with alpha emitters is quite low in Italy that no hard long-term effects are recorded in my opinion. Beta decay from the fission after neutron capture of the DU Bose-Einsteins the tumours, making proliferation and malicious tumours impossible. Medical cannabis shall eliminate rapidly these benign tumours. There is no other way to cure them. I am besides interested in receiving data from other epidemiologists, regarding other peaks of diseases in the areas covered by the DU plume. And by all non-anonymous forms of testimony, preferably in a written format through the contact page of this blog. I have screened Italy because it is the country most longlastingly covered, I tried also Germany, Croatia and Greece and did not find anything, the fact a book claiming atmospheric nuclear tests are the global gas chamber was published in Austria (Paolo Scampa’s edition thereof explains why I cut all link with him after my initial book with him and Samira Alaani) might explain my lesser desire to check there… but results on Germany, Croatia and Greece allow to make a prediction of similar situation in Austria without having to question a population where people that supported nazi revisionism on the atmospheric nuclear tests of permanent Security Council members might be there to, as last crematory-support resort, try to get into the anti-DU bandwagon by announcing exaggerated health effects to pollsters.

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