Another Iranian nuclear test, this time not “stealth” – here’s why Iran is taking the risk of ending the “secret” [updated with more old tests and details in explanations]

Here it is :

autre test iranien zone tunnel.png

100% P-waves. Kinda the area where I actually even linked one earlier nuclear test with a picture of the entrance of the tunnel – uranium death camp prisoners at work for mining uranium ore just above. I repeat, it’s not at all magmatic anymore, the uranium deposits are extremely old, not a single hot source around. See also a more recent triple test.

Update : another one, 30/10/2019. Through – west of Bandar Abbas, another usual area – the beacon used is just on the other side of the Gulf so the signal is extremely clear. Impossible to have magmatism in that area where other tests have happened before ; there even is an Iranian nuclear scientist who told an Israeli journal once an area nearby is an area of secret underground nuclear testing.

new iran tes

This time these ones are not concealed the same way as in the past (e.g. the “triple test” linked above). I think Iran is willing to send clearer signals as they understand it is actually a survival strategy to talk openly about their bombs (and not only some high ranking Iranian official saying they can “wipe out Israel in 30 minutes”). Why ? Because (as know people who come frequently on my web pages) :


This is why the uranium death camps of Iran cannot be dealt with the same way as in China & Russia which are much, much much much (…) much safer from US invasion and bombing and where the purpose is definitively extermination (see also my website). It’s totally impossible to confuse even though the belief in the efficiency of forced work for production remains irrational vs. the actual efficiency of a well-paid, well-protected workforce with machines for digging and isolation from the alpha emitting nanoparticulates. I would also remind the many cases of harassment by Western government in the recent years, from faked “chemical attacks of the Al-Assad regime” and the Skripal case where Fentanyl was the real poison and pictures of the “spies” where clearly photoshopped, to the recent series of secret railgun shots against arsenals to tickle the dragon’s tail… start there and go here and here – the last one against Turkey – if anyone wants to know why Erdogan did not care bombing US special forces in his attack against the stalinist PKK sometimes protected by the US… and of course, before that, why Iranian leaders met with him just after firing some light cruise missiles against the Saudi oil plant – one can see the chronology, that Iranian attack on Saudi soil was after the three secret railgun attacks ! One on Russia directly, then on Kazakhstan, and on the new Turkish ally of Russia, so Putin asks Iran to reply and defend Turkey because he imperatively want to support Erdogan who is both very valuable due to the strategic location near Europe and is a newer ally with whom he so needs to be very kind, so he pushes Iran to confrontation against a weak spot in Saudi Arabia so that Erdogan feels really protected by his new alliance and does not revert to NATO since the door is still officially open to him… so yes Iran is clearly tempted to show off more clearly its bombs now. Also there are demonstrations against the Iranian presence in Iraq, and a new government in Israel where some new people may not be aware of the Iranian bomb… More reasons to show off.

Here is the whole area, to show how many tests Iran already did – this is not in any of my earlier posts :

Screenshot from 2019-10-30 18-10-23.png

One can see how it’s almost always 10 km deep : why ? because that’s the minimum depth for CTBTO to not control. Sometimes a single drill is done with more efforts to give the vague impression the phenomenon is “natural”, so there’s a 35 km test showing up.

Screenshot from 2019-10-30 18-10-41.png

Just a zoom onto the 4,1 mag 6 months ago, at 35 km, to show how even these at 35 km depth are also nuclear tests… if it wasn’t obvious due to the regularity of the depths of the other tests :

Screenshot from 2019-10-30 18-11-45.png

Simply two bombs detonated side by side, with a minute of difference to give the impression of a combination of P and S waves (S waves are slower and “more intense” so the second test, always more powerful is intended at luring the beginner geologist but the total absence of horizontality in the test is obvious, no S waves, it’s just a visual composition) – that’s how Iran used to conceal its nuclear tests. They do not to this anymore.

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