Youtube promotion paid by the Mongol government for a male supremacist group – with Buddhist swastikas and implicit calls to the killing of “traitors”… – secret drug lobby for a synthetic cannabinoïd

The underground business of chemical cannabinoids is raging. The piece by Ben Westhoff for Vice is interesting, as concerns China, it pinpoints labs producing many such products… There are patents for “JWH” (sounds like “Yahveh”), and patents for another chemical cannabinoid, the HU line. The drug dealer courageously interviewed by Westhoff says : “We are afraid that a reporter come to our lab, to our country, to find out why we synthesize these chemicals, or why we sell these chemicals to your country,” he said. “To let your people’s health down. To harm your country’s people. So, I wonder whether I should take you to our lab.”

So this should explain actually what’s below :

The Mongol government is advertising a “fusion metal – traditional” group with paid hashtags and impromptu inserts of the songs in the middle of metal groups. This group – The Hu – has some clear melodic value and real talent, the throat singing is original and worth promoting, I want to say, first, but the lyrics are a shameless nationalistic piece of propaganda aimed at raising the men of Mongolia (I say the men – there are not even women in the group, not even as figurants in the video…) to the cult of their ancestors – whom exactly aside those who invaded Europe ? They also have a song in the honour of Gengis (Chinggis) Khan. And they sing “HU”…

Screenshot from 2019-11-02 22-32-02.png

Screenshot from 2019-11-01 20-43-52.png

Here the government messing in culture is obvious. There is one music video with black bikers, “Road 66” style, another one starting with an implicit condemnation of “Western culture” with bad eating habits and soccer videogames – OK, fair enough I don’t eat popcorn and hate soccer with a passion… but let’s see the lyrics & instruments (in the middle of these wonderful landscapes, some other areas of Mongolia are secret uranium death camps, let’s not forget that, the Mongol government is a little landlocked government stuck between Russia and China and tries to communicate on its cultural specificity abroad):

Screenshot from 2019-11-01 20-36-46.png

The swastika in this direction, of course, is a traditional Buddhist symbol that has nothing to see with antisemitic national-socialism. But…

Screenshot from 2019-11-01 21-02-10.png

Screenshot from 2019-11-01 20-38-21.png

Screenshot from 2019-11-01 20-39-31.png

I do not see any Buddhist value in the use of the swastika here. It just is a reference to nazism hidden behind. Plus, the comments are almost 100% one-sided and a bit repetitive, with a few identical jokes coming back, with likely a very elaborated network of false accounts set up for the sole purpose of flooding the comment sections of the group’s video, the forefront of a government’s propaganda… or more simply drug addicts. The “bikers” video made to pretend occidentalism repeats all the time a single message : “we will fight”. Yeah… Dare this in the West and you’ll get treated worse than Uwe Boll. “But this is Mongolia so it’s fine !” – and there is obviously drug money…

Drug trafficking is a political issue, governments use their powers to channel it into their hands esp. through diplomatic luggage thanks to the illegality they set up, this is well-known around the world.

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