False discoveries of oil & gas in Iran and China

A quick reminder : in magmatic areas the ternary fission products output shale materials, oil, natural gas etc in addition to all the other light elements (up to iron) under fusion at these high depths. This is explained in my astrophysics paper in my book From an Einstein Syndrome to the People (pdf for free here).

After I explained the underground nuclear test activity in Iran (start here for last article and read for *more political context*) and China, both countries have deliberately produced false information to pretend oil & gas has been discovered near the test activity areas so as to cover the quakes as “natural magmatism” ! CNN has twice published the “news” about new resources near the quake area in Iran – “53 billion barrels”…

There is obviously some “artistic work” that can take place to fake oil extraction by withdrawing from real resources, placing e.g. pockets underground and wells put to work for journalists only and strongly limiting access to the area.

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