Governments should collapse in silence & non violence or socialism will come back – link to read my anarchocapitalist book “From an Einstein Syndrome to the people”

Sigmund Freud said that fear of weapons is a sign of sexual and emotional delay. A great introduction to my book.

Change will not happen except by the peaceful withdrawal of citizens : withdrawal from civil life, refusal to pay all taxes, to vote. All forms of violence are nefarious. Demonstrations in the streets are stupid. The 2A gives right to self defend and I obviously defend it with its entire anarchocapitalist meaning but that doesn’t mean ‘armed rebellion against governments’. It’s stupid and refusal to pay taxes, to apply stupid rules, etc. because the US government is organising a genocide with DU weapons in the Middle East, fueling also more terrorism, threatening the security of US citizens, is much more efficient. This also pretty much applies everywhere else in the Western Block. Has the Belgian government said publicly in the mainstream media depleted uranium is a weapon of genocide and massive crimes against humanity with DU have already happened since 1972 in Vietnam ? No ? So even in Belgium this applies. In the Eastern block I also advocate for withdrawal, in silence. Nothing else. All forms of violence, even demonstrations in street, attract politicians and other demagogues and these people should be left alone carefully.

For instance, private companies doing accelerator driven systems to ready a stockpile of plutonium (see at the end of my astrophysics paper in the book) and have some ICBMs ready for the day of the collapse of the government can use that. But not a single push on the government should be applied. The point is solely to have private companies having the essential facilities for security, police, justice ready together with the phone applications for trading in blockchain shares, stocks… but not on the market already or they will be crippled by governments and other enemies of economic freedom.

Government should collapse in non-violence and in silence, with people not even caring, not even watching.

Read my book From an Einstein Syndrome to the people here. To get the paper version, reach !

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