Showing insider trading in the pharmaceutical industry before the 2018 hurricane season – US government readying for nuclear accidents…

The signs of climate warming accelerating had been obvious during the first part of 2018 and a big hurricane destroying a nuclear reactor was obviously coming. This phenomenon is simple : nuclear reactors produce a local overpressure due to the 70% of thermal energy not converted into electricity but lost. These overpressures are natural expansion vessels for depressions, such as hurricanes. Of course in the process of equilibration the nuclear reactor is destroyed. In the past less powerful nuclear accidents have happened in other nuclear reactors but 2018 has been a particularly tragic year, with esp. the Brunswick accident in the US, the Leizhou accident in China (scroll down at the end for events of 2017 and before in the USA), Satsumasendai in Japan, the two Farley accidents also in the US (the first at the end of May 2018 being a clear beacon for the US government that a much more powerful accident was to come later) and the Kori accident in South Korea.

So as I have argued repeatedly, discussing especially the Brunswick accident, blaming the private company (Duke Energy) owning the reactor is pathetic. It is obvious such a company has an obvious interest in shutting down the reactor to avoid damage. But…

We have two US pharmaceutical companies whose stocks behave exactly the same way exactly at the same time, one month before the beginning of the hurricane season.

For speculators to behave this way, they must be sure that the nuclear reactors will NOT be preventively shut down as hurricanes will come. So they must be inside the US government, with the decision to not shut down the reactors already taken and sealed in a secret shelf. Not in the nuclear industry, for instance, where a reversal could still have been expected.


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