One Iranian underground nuclear test site uncovered – satellite pic of the entrance of the tunnel

The recent destruction of the Losharik sub indicates a mildly powerful cosmic neutron wave which is to increase the seismic and volcanic activity in the European area and in fact over all the North-Western hemisphere (it already prompted the quake in California and a powerful eruption of the Stromboli) which is already hot from an earlier neutron wave on April 7th. However I’ve noted in earlier articles that Iran has done a number of nuclear tests underground… The Mag 5,7 “quake” of July 8th near Iraq and Kuwait wasn’t a natural quake. The data shows only P waves at 10 km depth. Even in a subduction zone with a lot of water we almost always have some Pn or PcP signals – or at least we know it’s a volcanic area, with fumes, hot springs etc. There are some volcanic areas in Iran, some very beautiful stratovolcanoes, hot springs, but not in the areas where I have located a dozen of nuclear tests already. Not in this area of the southwest, in the flat deserts and near the strait of Ormuz. I did not count some recent ones… (same for Russia and China – not counting)

This one is even better : you can see the entrance of the tunnel just near the epicenter of the “quake” :

iran underground test site.png
Entrance on the left, I’ve pinpointed what’s pretty much the epicenter, note the PIXEL CROSSES indicating “workers”, the Iranian governments asks Google for censorship of sensible data in exchange for what it can provide its services to Iranians

Zoom on the entry of the test site :

zoom entrance.png

Let’s note a uranium mining area just nearby – each pixel cross is a forced worker :

iran 1.png

iran 2iran 3.png

As usual in the Popular Republic of China, the Russian Federation, and their allies, the entire hills in uranium-rich areas (here there’s yellowish ore visible) are progressively levelled down by forced workers. These workers have no survival chance as these mines are death camps. Uranium contamination kills them from the inside slowly.

irn 5.png
More flattening ongoing and a plant where certainly the uranium ore is separated chemically, with lakes of multicolour remains and blue fumes !

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