Behind ALL nationalisms, behind all crimes against humanity, behind the anticapitalist pulsion… the resurfacing of the repressed innate bisexuality

Animals don’t do the difference between hetero and homosexuality. The repression of natural love (bisexuality, that is innate and natural in everyone and repressed in most) leads to passive agressive behavior as bisexuality resurfaces in uncontrolled ways – it always resurfaces. People in such a process of self repression will always try to find scapegoats similar to them and attack these other people as symbolic ways of attacking themselves and attempting to self control – leading to a spiralling as the other people will always respond identically. Mimetic rivalry and rise to the extremes as theorized by René Girard. Girard noted how already in the ritual institutions of scapegoating in Ancient Greece the sexual organs of the pharmakon were most targeted in their ritualistic eviction – the repressed always tries to hit on the scapegoat what he or she hates in him/herself.

The use of depleted uranium weapons is a crime against humanity ( The ethnic and religious motivation (genocide of Muslim Arabs) is like every other form of violence a resurfacing of the repressed innate bisexuality – people that suffer because of lack of homosexual love undertake massive crimes against humanity because they need scapegoats to suffer more than them. The scapegoat is constructed as a representative of what they hate in themselves (the natural homosexual part of each human) – « they are dirty people who hit you in the back » (like that sodomy that they can’t accept even though all their sufferings come from that refusal).

Behind all national feuds, there is the same issue. Constructing a community around a national identity, is about telling a story of « us vs. them » in which, in summary, « they are the fags ». It’s a holistic collective held together by the permanent ritual activity of fighting against other groups – there’s nothing positively bringing these people together. It’s solely about erasing the natural bisexuality and replacing it by a narrated « hetero vs. homosexuality » in which « the homosexuals are foreigners and foreigners are homosexuals ». It’s the same for antiliberalism and anticapitalism in general : « capitalism is hitting us in the back » (see above). Fighting capitalism gives to the group of sexually repressed people a guarantee that it won’t be separated by individual work – so the repressed homosexuality can remain invisible and the false “collective love” that’s a miserable ersätz of real love can be preserved. Hence all holistic collectives need some degree of anticapitalism. In neoliberalism it is found in nationalism and the “defense of the flag”, reason for State intervention in the economy.

These are always stories that need to be permanently enacted to erase their intrinsic weakness, and more and more need to be played overtly through battles, purges etc. – the simple story of regimes inflating in violence (and inflating their currency) until the breakout, of the rampant craziness in guerillas… of totalitarianism in general, of course, and of neoliberal regimes today that are just socialism in pseudoliberal clothes. More internal failures – more wars abroad to compensate.

100 % of humans are naturally bisexual. We are all the same. Animals do not see the difference between hetero and homosexuality. Humans try to pretend they’re not animals, they’re « different » and have « special rights », yet they cannot in fact master all the elements – nature always rebels, brutally.

Neoliberal regimes attempt to pose as if their military might embodies the might of nature, and of peoples close to nature : for instance the Cheyenne, Apache, Super Stallion helicopters, the Super Hornet and Raptor fighter crafts, the Tomahawk missile, in a country where earlier governments have committed ethnic cleansing against these autochtonous – and the Tomahawk is a depleted uranium missile, a weapon of crimes against humanities (who remembers how bacteriological weapons were used against Indian communities?). DU accumulates in the bottom of the body, esp. in gonads, with gravity… from where birth defects and hereditary diseases happen. See above comments on the pharmakon of ancient Greece. In France we’ve the SCALP missile, the Tiger helicopter, the Scorpion armoured vehicle, the « Mirage » and « Rafale » air fighters… The fast-neutron reactor attack submarine HMS Artful of the United Kingdom has a monkey on its logo (« we’re smart as a monkey, using a fast neutron reactor to swim with the power of U238 ! »). Many military units pose with images representing the strength of nature. Nazi Germany had the Tiger, Panther and Maus tanks and « Arbeit macht freit » at the entrance of their death camps. In Stalin’s USSR trucks with « BREAD » or « MEAT » (as if the government was providing food to the people) were used to convey the people to torture chambers of the Lubianka. We find, of course, much, much less references to nature, if any, in Marxist countries where the trope of « HUMAN » might, HUMAN technology is more officially played out, as victories against nature – it’s more openly Promethean to compensate the fact that there is less civil freedoms and that the incentives for cheating and not working are extremely high whereas the few freedoms in neoliberal countries are massively embedded into the war propaganda – the propaganda comes to Hayek and the spontaneous order of nature, the reality behind the curtain is national-socialist : indirect economic planification (remember the Lipsey Lancaster paradox – banks are under direct control of governments even when privately owned and will be ordered to not give good credit conditions to maverick companies, regulations can be as well used to cripple independent entrepreneurs…), crimes against humanity, and the very well-planned use of anticapitalist feelings to manipulate the population, blaming pesticides and chemicals of private companies, so as to conceal the real origin of illnesses almost all actually caused by alpha emitting nanoparticulates (which are forgotten in all studies on chemicals but everywhere in the environment from various sources : radon, tap water esp. in high natural radioactivity areas, phosphated fertilizers, coal, oil, natural gas… nuclear accidents, DU weapons… all that climbs up the food chain), as in the dirty missiles & GBUs and other weapons of mass destruction and their forever genocide and ecocide with depleted uranium.

(and actually, it’s mostly about blaming German private companies – as if pesticides were « the new Zyklon B » of companies that already were in charge of producing the deadly gas of the Holocaust – forgetting as well of course that in Nazi Germany too private companies had strictly no real freedom and had to obey or the capitalists be killed)

In the USSR in the past, today in China where even the red mercury of the uranium extraction process is evident on satellite near the huge clusters of black pixels censoring inmates along hills that change into flat lands of farms, in the Russian Fed, and in their satellites (Iran, Venezuela, Mongolia, Nepal, North Korea) & in Turkey & Albania you will find, however, death camps – uranium mine gulags where prisoners have no survival chance. China has in reality above 3 000 nuclear warheads and the Far East is flattened progressively by the forced work, in the uranium extraction process. Many parts of Russia have been totally levelled and the death camp system is still active esp. in the Siberian trapps. Note how Erdogan’s AKP’s logo represents a lightbulb – a Promethean emblem. In China for instance the propaganda about the “new cities of the East” of course carries a sadistic pleasure in that it’s about expanding China’s might with the blood of the supposed “opponents”… “yes we recycle”.

All of these secrets everywhere in the world come from the secret pleasure from hitting in the back, a simple spillover of the repressed bisexuality, an allegory of « sodomy » as these people see it, refusing prostatic pleasure wholly and suffering from it.

Not adults, but immature children.
Lastly, note how the erasure of the clitoris and the construction of women as “naturally weak”, a product of deliberate underfeeding of girls in families, of permanent pressure on them in general, has led to asymetries in the body (look at our closest parents the bonobos, they do not exhibit significant differences) and to the forgetting of the fact that the erect clitoris is identical to the erect penis in size, and allows for anal penetration and prostatic pleasure as well ! (mutual penetration as the man penetrates the vagina from the rear)
The hyena clitoris isn’t a rarity ! It’s the normal erect clitoris. All animals are like that. Most humans don’t understand that because they fear their own sexuality.

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