Relativistic neutrons destroy a Russian nuclear spy submarine – accident nucléaire dans un sous-marin espion russe, déclenché par des neutrons cosmiques

On the evening of July 1st 2019 a Russian “Losharik” AS12 nuclear-powered spy submarine got a fire killing 14 soldiers. The RBC report said the incident occurred in the evening hours of July 1.  At 20:33 UTC on that day a cosmic event (by the standards of what can happen, extremely small, but still significant) has been detected, likely a binary black hole merger (93% according to LIGO), its relativistic neutrons explain very clearly the nuclear accident triggering the fire onboard the submarine. Read the astrophysics chapter of my free book, the article on the King David, this other article, and this one too.


Dans la soirée du 1er juillet, le feu à bord du sous marin espion russe à propulsion nucléaire Losharik a été déclenché par un événement cosmique mineur (petite collision de trous noirs très vraisemblablement) produisant un jet de neutrons relativistes… c’est loin d’être le premier accident de ce type, cf. liens ci dessus !


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