A rational look at the emergence of the solar cult in Egypt under Akhenaten : volcanoes… likewise for the Roi Soleil Louis XIV. Pourquoi des rois solaires ? Une simple stratégie politique opportuniste…

Global warming is linked to volcanic tephras together with losses of heat. Without artificial losses of heat from e.g. motors, badly isolated buildings, thermal power plants in general, volcanic eruptions of course cool down the climate. That’s what happened for a long period before the coming to power of Akhenaten : after the Santorini eruption you have more volcanic eruptions (Kamtchatka 1500 BC, Taupo 1460, Bismarck 1370, Kamtchatka 1350) and then no more eruptions until 1050 BC.

So, as the climate became progressively more exempt of tephras Akhenaten pursued a policy of reorganizing religion in Egypt around the “new thing” (the sun that was more visible in average since skies went more and more tephra-free) that he could also associate with himself. The policy went more and more brutal as the skies became clearer of tephra…

As if the painters insisted on his sunburns with more paint to ridiculize him stealthly. The paint clearly stayed on the Sun’s side. He didn’t look healthy at all (unsurprisingly with sun exposure, in addition to the usual incest in Egyptian pharaonic dynasties) and his son died young as well.

Simply said Louis XIV is in a similar situation : he comes to power in 1660, at the end of a series of volcanic eruptions ! (We still do not have lots of losses of artificial heat so the volcanic period isn’t associated with a warm up)


Des rois profitent de périodes plus ensoleillées pour associer leur règne au soleil. Opportunisme politique, tout simplement !

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