A short article on natural spontaneity and veganism – bref article sur la spontanéité naturelle et le véganisme

Do bonobos eat meat ? No, except when it’s recycling. Do humans need meat to live ? Not at all especially since now we have B12 which allows to totally eliminate meat from our regime.

There are many people that devote their life to climbing steps in academia solely to publish papers to defend things that shield themselves from spontaneity. The bonobo, our closest cousin, is an animal of free love showing peace on its face ? “NO THEY HUNT FOR MEAT ! THEY ARE NOT ANGELIC” say these two people, who clearly exhibit very classical signs of sexual repression on their face, not even able to smile for a picture of themselves as researchers because they show off their ambition, hoping to appear somehow charismatic as they must compensate for the weakness of their research. (read my chapter on the natural bisexuality and its repression everywhere in 99,2% of humans in my book available for free here)

pourri bonobos chas

martin surbeck.png

So THEY SAY they saw three bonobos hunting primates for meat and got the paper published thanks to, certainly, a lot of painful earlier work to build a credibility and get into well-rated institutes. Do you believe their claims ? It’s obviously faked.

A comment however on bonobos eating dead young : that’s simple common sense. Burying a dead young is losing good, fresh meat. Animals have common sense – even flies  don’t eat the bodies of dead dolphins victims of nuclear accidents – they naturally feel it’s radioactive and stay away (I can confirm having seen such a dead dolphin that stayed 10 days at least on a beach and just saw a few flies the first time, not even a single one 10 days later). Animals see anomalies such as radioactive bodies.

taiwan body

What I mean is : nature has its reasons – but the sexually repressed are naturally afraid of nature. So they try to falsify it and to promote their stories. Many religions represent attempts at distinguishing humans from nature – but not all. In Quakerism, the instinct of listening to your inner voice is remarkable in that it is an actual step back to nature. George Fox understood where he had to leave his name. But most “Quakers” are quakers-in-name-only who pretend to not understand why many early Quakers were proud capitalists too… they became more and more numerous and the main movement even got red and black, colours of anarchocommunism, on its flag. Come back to my book linked above.

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