A test of three nuclear bombs in Iran hidden as earthquake

I have already made blog posts about Iranian nuclear tests (see also here for much more). Here’s another one just a few dozen hours ago :

EMSC-CSEM data shows a single beacon receiving S-like waves, the rest in P. Waveform from ds.iris.edu :

data iranquake 2019 oct

Strictly no S movement, no horizontality in the seismometers.

Screenshot from 2019-10-04 18-15-14.png

The test is camouflaged in an area of mountains as if it were a rift event. It’s not, there would be lots of S signals. Impossible for a nuclear bomb (or a magma chamber explosion, it’s identical) to trigger strong horizontal movements, it’s only a vertical event, but the Iranian government tried to cover it by detonating three bombs in a short timelapse to imitate the waveform of a small rift quake.

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