Another arsenal railgunned by the US military, another Iranian reply

The arsenal in Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus was obviously detonated, like the others in Dzerzhinsk and in southern Kazakhstan (this case where I have a video demonstrating the use of that new weapon), by the new US railgun (small shells traveling at Mach 7, very difficult to see…) secretly used to harass the Eastern Block, as Donald Trump is desperately looking for a war in which he would look as the white knight before the 2020 elections, in order also to make more money with retrobribes and overbilling in calls for tenders of weapons, and to re-assure an oil supply and other resources pillaged abroad to compensate for the massive economic losses linked with the nuclear accident of Brunswick. (I do not mean only the loss of two nuclear reactors but also in general the massive economic consequences of the nuclear fallout onto the world’s wealthiest area, which leads the US government to behave particularly aggressively on the world scene whereas I would like to remind that, as demonstrated in the link, that nuclear accident was organized by Donald Trump for purposes of making money with insider trading in the pharma sector – the owner of the reactor was pressured to not shut it down in the advent of the hurricane)

Turkey is a strange NATO member-in-name-only now buying weapons to Russia and protecting the IRGC. As in each case there have been quick replies of the Eastern Block, mostly through Iran. Oil tankers were attacked in the Persian Gulf, for instance, and now the IRGC has sent cruise missiles against Saudi oil facilities, coming into the defense of the newest Russian customer. A thaw seemed ongoing between Iran and Saudi Arabia a few weeks ago, but this is now definitively over and Iran seems clearly directly in line for its first impacts of US depleted uranium cruise missiles and maybe even GBU bombs.


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