“What happens when you confuse science and history” – the case of the early days of the COVID19

It is obvious that my A Rule of Natural Disasters Coming to Rebalance Unjust Development and Irresponsibility-Laws of Physics Explain the Trope of “Divine Retribution” against the “Nouveaux Riches”International Journal of Physics. 2019, 7(4) was read on the the day of its publication by CCP agents handling bioweapons and I’ve shown the dissident group they wanted to quash, linked to Hu Jintao.

In my article I underlined “progresses since 1976 in China” (natural disasters after the 1976 Tangshan earthquake have killed less people in China indeed). They obviously, based on that, believed that no natural disaster would happen if they release a virus for their political purposes ! Simple as that.

There nevertheless remains an inquiry on the 2015 Tianjin event, the sodium-fast nuclear reactor that exploded, obviously tremendous health effects on that tremendously populated area, if it’s a case of hacking by a foreign government or an anonymous entity or another group, or a natural disaster linked to high temperatures of early August, or alcoholism among nuclear physicists managing it… I mean…

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