On Peter Fitzek’s “hand healing” and Germany

Mr Peter Fitzek who posits as future King of Germany says he once healed a woman using solely his hands. This is possible and not necessarily involves secret use of cannabis oil, or of other oils of medical plants : outside that, the first possibility involves, simply, use of heat and massaging with that heat to produce a kind of laxative effect (so to say) i.e. fluidifying the inter-cell space allowing for the release of matter stuck there, higher temperatures allowing that (basic thermodynamic effect) OR the second possibility involves conscious or unconscious but instinctive use of electronegativity in the hands (i.e. after drinking coffee…) so the application of hands pulls down a group of alpha-emitting nanoparticulates that got stuck in that area.

Outside that, two comments : 1. an elected monarchy is the traditional German system and this is compatible with a constitutional monarchy & the Grundgesetz (so, a royal with only powers of representation instead of a President), but 2. I do not understand the pretenses on Polish territory, that can’t happen except if perhaps Mr Fitzek were suddenly to find a huuuuuge crowd of millions and millions and millions and millions of native Polish speaking followers from the area he’s claiming, representing much much more than the majority of the population of these areas !

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