The REAL story of the first days of the COVID19 in Wuhan : the CCP quashing a rebellion of scientists with links in the military by unleashing a bioweapon – Communist scientists that tried to hire me !

The nCoV19 was clearly released by CCP agents mostly from the evening of the 3rd of January only to eliminate a rebellion that had appeared, the CCP decided to quash a rebel group with a bioweapon, to be able to put the city into lockdown and secretly eliminate at the same time all the rebels, thanks to the lockdown, in this particularly “salty” case for them as the rebels obviously had knowledge of the uranium laogais. So secret action was required.

I saw this happening, under my eyes, because I had found a paper published in PRX (physics journal) on the anomalous Nernst effect (which is commented in my Applied Mathematics and Physics 8-1-1, it’s mostly researchers from Wuhan), they bring up “residue” as cause of the effect they observe – I prove it’s about residual contamination with alpha-emitting nanoparticulates, but the way their paper is written suggests that the physicists had in fact pretty much understood but hoped to get the person who already had published on this (me) to come to Wuhan because in fact of my publications on the uranium mine death camps of the Laogai… Let’s come back to 2019, I received from Chinese adresses vip.163… a few emails trying either to offer me that I give “lectures on drilling” to “a group of Chinese students” (I was invited to offer my own price, I did not screenshot that email), or that I sell a “reactor”, the drawing shows a small nuclear reactor, it’s simply not stated as such, as if I were to produce such stuff ! So I put most of that to the bin but here’s a remain (you can see I received the spam twice) :

So, there obviously was in Wuhan a nest of rebels looking to seize the power, hoping that I come to help them, of course, to help them to make antitank weapons to start a civil war. But I don’t jump into such stuff, having all reasons to believe, due to the lack of honesty in the ways they tried to reach me, that these simply were rebel Communists simply seeking a change in the top of the CCP, not the end of the CCP. A group that in my view self-funded with drug trafficking and was perhaps hoping to bring back Hu Jintao at the top of the CCP (cf this post).

What I did after I found the PRX paper is that, first, I simply emailed the author of the team that was not in Wuhan but in Paris, simply talking about my explanation, without offering any cooperation, simply out of politeness :

Then two days later I sent to PRX my “reply” to the article (TEMPID: es2020jan03_724 RECVD: Fri Jan 03 21:36:17 2020 TITLE: Reply: Intrinsic anomalous Nernst effect amplified by disorder in a half-metallic semimetal)

that was then rejected by a PRX editor :

As I had on the 1st of Jan emailed Behnia who certainly got in touch with the rest of the team, this certainly had led to the team of rebels in China exhibiting some satisfaction, they certainly started to come out and talk to other people of their plans of a putsch, to find more supporters… but then on the 3rd of Jan in the evening (French time) as I send myself to PRX, without talking to them, the solution to their article that’s now in my AMP 8-1-1 (since I did not need them, why wait ?) these people happen to understand they will not get me among them, so they become disorganized, panicking, are seen and the CCP finds about it. So it’s then that CCP police decides to release the COVID19 strain to block the entire city and organize massive raids, because of the possible ramifications of a group led by these important scientists.

To me, Yiming Xu, the PRX editor, was part of the conspiracy and, having certainly the knowledge of my email to Behnia, hoped that it had worked and that I would join the team in China… so he rejected with a weird pretext my Jan 3rd submission. After my Jan 1st email to Behnia I had made already an earlier submission (before es2020jan03_724 but after the email) which was already deleted without explanations from the PRX website, PRX editors clearly tried to force me to not submit anything without the people from that team ! Socialism in action. “There’s a team, you have to join them, it’s in China” so to say, “trust the group !”. I know the mentality in collectivist groups, it’s a rebellion that adheres to Marxist ideals and principles of social organization. I felt that immediately, when I saw the paper, the behaviour of the editor in PRX, and because I despise dishonesty I decided to wait a bit before looking into answers to the coronavirus as I learned about the virus at the same time and felt immediately the link, I know they could be reading so I did not wanted to help them… Yeah, really. Because they are dishonest I don’t care even if they fight the CCP, they will bring nothing, they are just Communists, so I let the virus do some work around. (Salvia officinalis is very efficient actually)

Looking at a notice of closure for a People’s Liberation Army Navy university shows also signs of falsification, the timestamp is false, the character for “day” (ri, 日) is broken, the spaces are too important, there is a zero that has been softly taken out… it’s too bold vs. the line above. Three images below, full pic, the unedited zoom onto the stamp and my comments on the third pic. Antedating to cover the fact that the virus was released to kill the rebel group.

Even the circle of the red star stamp looks fake, it’s not really circular. All of this was re-cut with Photoshop or a similar tool to conceal the truth.

Then, on the 12th of January, with the arrival of the volcanic fallout from the Taal volcano erupting in the Philippines (so : alpha-emitting nanoparticulates as in any volcanic fallout, contamination the populations, weakening immune defenses together with the hundreds of other health effects of such internal contamination), the virus’ spread accelerated and it went out of control of the CCP, the virus escaped the area of Wuhan.

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