Significant nuclear accident in St Petersburg’s shipyard (updated)

A nuclear fire has happened in a shipyard of St Petersburg. 30 MW core in my estimate.

Fallout has spread above the Baltic countries, Finland and Sweden first and then the Eastern Baltic countries.

See the peak at 0,4 which corresponds to cloud maximum

For information see comparison below with the Leverkusen plume component that reached Norway a few days after the accident. (See here on the Leverkusen blast)

Besides… my invention of the airborne magnet for alpha emitters (which is used already by the USAF, the French military and the Italian Air Force) can be seen used by a Tu22M3 above Belarus.

The magnet has been put in the top. Another small system with a piezoelectric stator has been installed down under.
At work above Belarus.

More peaks associated with this plume later in southern Germany and on the French Riviera :

Where it happened again today 25/12.

Lastly, it’s quasi certain that the responsibles of the nuclear accident were arrested. Corruption charges on staff in charge of naval nuclear reactors. Could reach to 12 years in jail.

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