The Russian military is more transparent than Western armies on nuclear fission in aircrafts

Nuclear energy is used in a large set of aircrafts for propulsion. I have shown how it is done and listed a number of examples. The MiG 25 “Foxbat” reached incredible speeds thanks to that. The F14 Tomcat is the first US fighter jet that competed with the same nuclear power. There are many Western aircrafts that use nuclear power now (mostly in the US Air Force, the F15, F22, F35 for instance and the SR 71) but the Russian armed forces do something more : they systematically make it clear on the hull when it is used. The stamp is added during the production apparently.

Attack heli Ka-52

So it is also found on these Indian Sukhois

Western armies have on their airplanes and other crafts a signalization that indicates the use of fission to the trained individual. But it is not as clear as what is done by the Russian forces. That entirely assume the use of nuclear fission in a system that leaves no doubt. Kudos to them.

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