Jewish pilgrims after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrha to Moldavia and America (Mojave Indians)

This is to confirm and explain the discovery made in 1860 of a Moses but with a Christian engraving style with an Hebrew text by David Wyrick in Newark, Ohio, and the “keystone” he also found. There is a consistent pattern in this Mohave myth of the “origins of the world” where they went westward, there’s an issue with salty urine that indicates Sodom and Gomorrha (Gomorrha in particular, salt-stones wealth exhibit destroyed by a cosmic fireball, see my International J of Physics 7-4-4… they were near and under the fallout) as the source of their division, and from where indeed the myth is consistent. The myth says “The whites went away. The people (Indians) were left.” It suffices to read that the Indian people went left – they reached and founded what is today Moldavia. (Michael Kingsbury, @Celtic-Films on Twitter, a filmograph attempting among other things to make an art movie to represent the uranium gulags in the USSR, noted the presence of a very local culture there which he calls… Cucù… so this is to confirm)

Some Moldavian people later travelled westward, then, and crossed the Atlantic. This is consistent with the datation of Roman currency found by Pulitzer’s team (Express article). A religiously consistent group, somehow Christian with strong Ancient Testament influences, has reached America, 1800 to 1850 years ago. The Mohave Indians are remains of that group which may include other people. The Mohave culture of divination through bones reminds of Ancient Roman customs of reading in bowels (and in birds’ flights).

The keystone is to me a symbolic arrow. Certainly a representation of the cosmic fireball that destroyed Gomorrha.

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