News from Syria: human fuel in MiG propulsion (DU victims…) and the end thereof

It has today emerged that bodies filled with uranium and plutogenized after being carefully butchered (the retchlag way, leading to something somehow more energy efficient than in the zyklon B system) have been used for MiG reactors (the MiG 21 for instance being a plane that was thought exactly by engineers for accomodating “human fuel”). The regime also readied RPG cans in a similar way. Bodies are separated in pieces and the most uranium-rich parts “cooked” in small pots on the ground for primitive plutogenization, neutrons accelerated with heat. It was already clear in a few cases that cemeteries with dead Iraqis were where bodies were harvested. One such reactor with cemetery bodies was destroyed a few months ago by an Israeli strike, after a first case near the Iraqi border in early 2021.

The retchlag system is nevertheless still less efficient than horror-free fuel, without human parts. The human organism is made to retain heat. That’s why there is only a weak fireball in the explosion of plutonium bombs made from that system. The nuclear fire is absorbed by the human remains as the warhead explodes. Efficiency might fall by 70% in zyklon B bombs, and by 40% in retchlag bombs.

Below is the works area. There is a reactor (my Triga system, subcritical, certainly) that is destroyed by an Israeli strike (happened yesterday). The corpses were in the past unearthed on the ground all around. The MiG planes came from the bottom of the zone to refuel. Their engine dragged on the soil, a priori opened on the ground for insertion of the fuel. The crematory reactor area (the reactor had leaks, it was foot-pressed for acceleration, with frequent accidents) was destroyed by the Israeli strike. The last colour after the strike shows that it’s merely DU and not with bodies in anymore. There was a policy change after my discoveries this August.

Before the strike
After the strike

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