The weird case of the Al-Bukamal “cemetery of the martyrs” (of depleted uranium) recycled for plutonium production by Iranian-affiliated forces

Satellite images of the area that was targeted by the Israeli Air Force and later by the US Air Force in Al-Bukamal show a small compound together with a… big Muslim cemetery and there is also some traces of unearthing left of that cemetery.

Top right, so, the traces of unearthing ; and after the strikes happened, a collection of white shrouds has been scattered to the bottom of the area.

Before all the strikes. The still being worked areas of the graveyard are obvious near the road

Plus the blue-dark sprayed matter around the impact zone – carbonated materials that evidence masses of flesh were impacted during the strike. The fact that it did not travel but just fell back just around shows it is human flesh that burned, not radioactive nanoparticles that necessarily travel because they are hot… It’s just burned human flesh that fell down just around, along with the shrouds, it was the last series of unearthed corpses that were waiting in the rooms for transfer in the nuclear reactor in the compound.

Whereas people, possibly martyrs of the Shia militias, were being buried, after they of course died from reasons at least partly related to depleted uranium, the militias obviously developed not a captatio benevolentiae but a captatio of the corpses, unearthing them and recycling them directly for plutonium production for newer AT rockets.

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