The Taliban making reactors with humans contaminated with DU, thrown alive in, for plutonium production (updated)

Three points allow to make this diagnosis :

  1. The military hospital explosion in Kabul. Soil neutrons, the usual going-north geophysical wave triggered an open pit reactor that was used to burn alive opponents and make plutonium. With a simple lid for cover. Thanks to the Spetsnaz that went there to confirm.
  2. The death of four girls, a few days ago. Ferozan Safi’s body shows signs of heavy DU contamination. They were thrown in a pit. After the explosion of the military hospital oven. They needed another reactor. It failed again.
  3. And now these four boys “victims of a landmine”, it’s not a landmine but another case of open pit plutonium production with people thrown alive in by Taliban. The mai. testimony notes one amputated leg and one critical victim, on one of the two remain children there are traces of neutron impacts and the fourth child suffered from overheating, it’s visible under the eye.
Neutron traces on vest and cloth and around the cheek
I’m questioning if it’s the sheet cloth that is naturally red tainted in tiny droplets or if neutron impacts have caused blood losses in the child in that pattern

Here is the picture of the accident :

No doubts.

In these cultures opposed to children masturbating themselves the horror shows up. The testicles were the most full and are the most demultiplicated by the energy as shurikens hit each other, volume occupation expanded. Above the penis and to the two sides two small heads with of course much less internal contamination. The two missing children were there killed.

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