Why replacing the Kaa’ba by a Teplator makes sense for Saudi Arabia

The Teplator is not my invention but is a subcritical nuclear reactor that may serve for oil pumping, for instance. The ritual of spinning around the Kaa’ba can be replaced by the ritual of spinning around a Teplator.

Whereas Mecca as a city has an interest in industrializing, pilgrims would also check neutron leaks which would be indicative of an accident risk through their spinning around.

This proposal comes from the fact that the meaning of the Kaa’ba has been explained (indirect signification of an asteroid fall related indeed to a black hole eruption which the spinning around represents – see my International Journal of Physics 7-4-4) and I wish to insist that this idea of a Teplator there is extremely serious. It would also contribute to clean oil drilling (without shaped charges) and depleted uranium recycling.

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