A gas chamber attempted by a weapon factory in Aleksandar Vučić’s Serbia…

Gas chambers involve in fact uranium dust (and radium usually) to create a plutogenic reactor with human bodies. See on Birkenau, & the reminder that it decreases weapon efficiency in comparison with clean plutonium-making.

As I published my discovery of a small gas chamber left by the Vichy Regime in the middle of St Etienne (42), and was at the same time publishing a scientific article giving in a footnote the fission cross section of Ra227, some people in Serbia read my blog and paper and felt themselves legitimized to make another one… The neosocialism of Aleksandar Vučić seems to have brought him to assimilate himself with Philippe Pétain.

There was a typo in the first published version of the article where the fission cross section appeared to be 400. It’s in fact 4000. They got the first number…

So this explosion in a weapon factory in Sloboda Čačak shows what happens with DU dust, radium as starter, human bodies and insufficient shielding. Human bodies are on fire in the above picture together with DU. How many people where killed ? I don’t know whom… erased people. But it’s a fact that this happened. A window on top of one of these buildings used to pour depleted uranium dust and radium onto some victims, the room closed, a reaction starts but with Ra227’s high cross section it quickly goes uncontrolled, explodes and kicks some bodies outside, you see them burning in the picture.

There are several arguments allowing to conclude that Aleksandar Vučić has schizophrenia. Himself suffers from depleted uranium in a way that creates blood cell proliferation from the bystander effect ; his diplomacy has attempted to build a schizophrenic bridge from the United Kingdom to Communist China from which he bought weapons and cybersurveillance technology. There is a level of impulsivity that also allows the argument, not to mention inflammation in his face, also from internal contamination. His butcher reputation does not start with this 4th of June gas chamber attempt. But whereas he clearly isn’t fit for power (as shown again by his army’s bringing of T72 tanks to the border with Kosovo a few days ago…. yes myself I think this microstate is somehow ridiculous but seriously, it’s not with military means that unity will be achieved) he shouldn’t be ousted without at the same time immediate action to magnet-clean depleted uranium left from the 1990s wars.

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