Law of schizophrenia : compare with thermonuclear bombs

It is simple to understand that cannabis is the Ullam part and polonium210 in tobacco the Teller.

The bomb (the schizophrenia disease) only requires the Teller part. The Ullam is additional.

See from my first description. Cannabis is a matter biological in nature. Light atoms in the Ullam likewise. It demultiplicates the effects of the Teller. But the Teller alone can be extremely destructive and with biological matter alone you won’t get anything. You at least need to set the biological matter into the Teller (not the Teller Ullam design but boosted fission with layers of Pu239 and tritium) to achieve destructive effects.

(This excludes the small issue of peoples with Einstein Syndrome (like me) who are intolerant to THC and even somehow to THCa because we have it already in the brain naturally.)

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