Fusion power plants cannot bridge the gap of energy production without a fission core (e.g. with depleted uranium)

Pure fusion is, for purposes of energy production, a myth. The fusion of light atoms in a tokamak is possible, but will always consume more energy than it produces. Pure fusion requires tremendous amounts of energy to achieve confinment and these confinment costs can be compared to the confinment costs in the struggle against the coronavirus vs. the efficiency of the confinment alone in curbing the pandemic tide. The energy burned in the stabilization of the plasma will be always bigger than what the fusion gives back. The numerous delays in the construction of ITER are an indication. There is no “magic”. I have, besides, proven how nuclear fission is the core component of stars’ energy output – read my From an Einstein Syndrome to the People, astrophysics chapter, and more recently a discussion of why uranium, thorium etc. are invisible in star spectrometry data. As in stars, a nuclear fission core is required in the core of “fusion plants” to make them work.

Pure fusion is a subpart of the anti-bomb cult. Sheeple are taught there only was two military nuclear explosions in the warfield, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they are so to believe “the bomb is of no real military use”, the existence of a “fusion power plant” myth is a big part of the training given to them, to keep sheeple sheeple. Most recent sheeple training article : “Gulf War syndrome from sarin exposure” (Scientific Reports, from Nature).

(should I remind how all antitank weapon use fission, how most of Hiroshima’s fallout came from an hidden Japanese nuclear reactor, how depleted uranium addition in antitank weapons of all kinds is the real health issue ?)

Actually, “fusion” plants can become interesting energy-output devices once, for instance, a depleted uranium core is set inside to take opportunity of the many fast neutrons generated by the fusion processes for Pu239 generation (since it is dubious the neutrons will reach 15 MeV after having passed through the inner wall of the tokamak). So by putting a DU core together with a light water cooling loop, itself brought to a power generator wheel, any “fusion tokamak” can become a subcritical nuclear reactor (it can be set as a standard nuclear reactor of course but as always subcritical is better). Then it becomes a machine able to produce more energy than it demands.

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