Teaching compassion does not work. The most basic failure of socialism…

Most people don’t have compassion.

Many have sensed it and tried to develop strategies for teaching compassion. One example which recently came back in my head : “we will teach people to have compassion for the victims of the Holocaust based on a single story, let’s publish the personal diary of that young little prepubescent teen…” – I NEVER READ THAT DIARY. Anne Frank repetitions, attempts to personalize issues, “take the life of a random WW1 soldier” for instance to teach what war is from the inside (another example), whatever – PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO KNOW !

People DON’T WANT to open their eyes. I know – seen that of course from very early on – how most youngsters in school have naturally the desire to persecute others, that’s the basic Girardian theorem, I saw that everywhere around me AND YOU DON’T HELP BY FOSTERING COMPASSION : “pray for *victims of random Muslim terrorist attack*” ? Better talk about the depleted uranium crimes against humanity in the Middle East. Teaching “care” – no – the economy is a bogged down system because of the collective will to persecute others, spilling from self-repression of the innate bisexuality, as most people spend their time planning violence, their “tribe culture” against other groups in a wider community, and not actually producing wealth that’s useful – governments have become just machines to catalyze the destructive energies and throw them against foreign populations – peoples destroy each other and prefer to pretend they are happy, lies everywhere to conceal depression… And don’t understand that’s because they have refused to show compassion that it comes back on them at the end. There is a natural justice as I scientifically demonstrated with natural disasters in my International Journal of Physics 7-4-4 article.

See my earlier post on entrepreneurs not encouraging peace but betting on violence and trying to convince themselves “that’s how it works” – personal story, I have to perhaps apologize a bit, I once did something a big weird, attempted to frighten French authorities by imagining that there would be another anarchocapitalist in my area and did wall tags which discussed Holodomor, slightly simplistic messages not covering anything uranium-related & a “vive Rothbard” especially intended at hiding me. But by writing Hitler = socialist while confusing the c with a sickle & hammer I would never have expected to find a Nazi 1934 May 1st commemorative medal actually bringing together swastika and sickle & hammer. Not fake : the true story of communism & nazism collaboration at the beginning, before Night of the Long Knives.



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