As concerns the organized confusion between „don‘t be self-repressed“ and „exhert violence“

and „anarchocapitalism is about being free to drive very fast on highways“, there is an obvious parallelism and in both cases it‘s obviously about rapidly seducing electors instead of thinking of the future.

Have you ever thought of having children ? What world do you want to see them in ?

There are many people who see violence has something that „has“ to happen as a way to „eliminate pulsions“ and don‘t assume their social responsibility as they actually encourage violence. They shield sometimes behind Ayn Rand‘s „objectivism“ and this fuels on the opposed hand the organized anti-weapon political current with the Catholic church and the Democrats typically hand in hand.

Ayn Rand‘s objectivism paves the way to people being bluntly self-obsessed and seeing it as a „legitimate thing“. I did not quote her a lot in my writings, for that reason – the only time where she‘s quoted relates to something Ludwig von Mises also said, I put them side by side.

Ludwig von Mises said that the development of new weapons is not the issue – he understood, clearly, definitively, the issue that is human behaviour and René Girard provided a new universal cue by demonstrating the subterraneous VIOLENT nature of culture, everywhere, in his anthropological writing Violence & the Sacred, including in ancient Greece customarily presented as „mother of our civilization“.

The issue is that René Girard converted to christianity BECAUSE he believed christianity was „different“ and showed somehow the violence in the cradle of culture. He precisely made that statement but most intellectuals interested in René Girard, I found, just are Christians trying to push him into Catholicism, not understanding Girard says he converts because „he sees“ something in Catholicism, not because he believes in anything. Sterile people. On the other hand, stupid people all around have just focused on saying René Girard is „a Christian“ – sterile again and sometimes incredibly cynical, with for instance as I shown for a proposed „scholar of republicanism“ famous in France, Mona Ozouf, a direct, blatant invertion of the meaning of Girard‘s works – she underlines Girard is linkable to Freud (which is right) AND immediately inverts Girard‘s point, as there is this disgusting romantism of the French 1789 revolution where ceremonies of call to people for war, later, must imperatively be called „festivals“ by the „scholars“, yes it‘s funny like Cannes, they are not harvesters of blood ! Phatic lie, she just had to quote Girard to pretend being a bit Girardian while inverting. Let‘s also remind that Mises and Freud had an epistolar relation. Raymond Boudon for instance whom I quote less presents the concept of „emerging effect“ that I use, but it‘s a consequence of Mises‘ works, Boudon was a bit of a politico, putting Marx, Freud & Nietzsche in the same boat to please the French. I don‘t want to discuss how Rothbard was an awful politico, he has interesting papers, I took seriously the part on ancient history for instance and his study of the 1929 crisis is excellent but like Emmanuel Todd1 now he involved himself in politics, believing he could get Communists riiiight into free markets by taking a stance for banning the nuclear bomb for instance. And on modern history, his anti-French politics are too evident… Feels like the Jew supporting Nazi infiltration of the free market movement to secure himself a reign – of COURSE he‘s loved by many Americans of German descent, now !

Very few people have taken Girard seriously, in France. I absolutely have to say : bring some French person in the USA, you have these billboards I saw, I myself enjoy the calm in the highways, no overspeeding, you see a lawyer on a billboard, the name is strongly Jewish, „Goldberg“ I think, with the phone name „call me if you have a car issue“ or something similar – I must restate most inhabitants in Paris (for instance) are simply not ready for that, antisemitism is too much of an issue in France and they simply don‘t understand that there‘s something called INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Emmanuel Macron‘s recent „thing“ renewing the Chirac thing in 1995 however I think could have simply been accidental. 50/50. Helped actually me think of something. But, clearly, the sinner always goes to Church in front of the eyes of others – deliberately. It‘s always the sinner.

Friedrich von Hayek did not knew, certainly, when he concluded his last book, before his death, that many women in the islands of the Pacific train themselves before & use chicken blood during to fake „virginity“ during the „cult“ which he saw as a way to teach property rights – sad mistake. And so much that virginity actually is a stupid thing, the hymen is part of the clitoris and rises with it. 15 centimeters long outside at least, bending down, its tip perfect for anal penetration…

Constructivism is cancer. It was apocalypse in my head when I heard a „professor“, my PhD supervisor, actually blaming me for deconstructing Sismondi‘s thinking, in a thesis in history of economic thought. At least in France I thought that everyone in university would have adopted the perspective of the Ecole des Annales… I was under supervision of a bald man who once wrote a paper on Bastiat and attacked me in the streets, later, near the university as I had actually published my first paper on Sismondi ; and of this other „professor“ known around actually for strong Communist militancy. I had hoped to balance the „game theorist“ with the communist and vice-versa… gave them their chance, took them by the hand, but pure hatred, refusal to see the factual arguments based on simply QUOTING SISMONDI (I also got „you are quoting Sismondi too much“), manipulative argumentation together with the „open legs“ position of the man showing implicitely his genital apparatus & the triangular swim pairs of underpants for swimming training frequently shown outwardly…

There are organized hatreds. If it‘s depleted uranium „it has to be Kissinger“ I think, he would be the scapegoat. A paper on Wikileaks (where no one knows whether the documents are actually real I repeat) suggests he can be blamed as the instigator of „depleted uranium presents no danger for health“. „It‘s a Jewish conspiracy inside the USA, they infiltrated us and secretly poisoned our weapons“ – in a worst-case scenario.

There is everywhere a tendency to pretend that „self-repression“ is about repressing trends for VIOLENCE onto the other. Manipulation of the Freudian language, except for the core truth, bisexuality and self-repression. What do we have in France ? A huge school of lazy psychanalysts who jumped onto the hermeneutic Lacan, producing more and more impossible-to-read stuff.

In France we had the keys first : René Girard especially. I talked everywhere where I was about him because he was right, tested the minds, found no one or almost understanding it‘s an individualist theory. René Girard‘s understanding of violence provides a Mengerian framework, it‘s pure theory, comes together with the impossibility of socialist calculation demonstrated by Mises and simply evident if you really look at the economy seriously. Both pure theories concur in the same direction, reinforce each other. Organized homophobia in the USSR : massive, never talked of or almost. Fiat money, the banking system, that‘s just what must be the economical issues about for many entrepreneurs in politics ready to seize Austrian economics in a way that leads to Jews, not to governments using the control on banks as one of the ways to control the private companies…

MOST PEOPLE CALCULATE FOR VIOLENCE. Due to self-repression of the innate bisexuality they believe they can save themselves and throw it onto others. Because they like violence, once again. What I like is things like the fact that the French specialist of sodium fires got accidentally killed in a sodium explosion in 1994. Things such as this are funny. Law of nature as I demonstrated in IJP 7-4-4. Getting proof that it‘s a physical law that natural disasters come to Mandelieu la Napoule, city full of the human trash that‘s the people with nostalgia of French Algeria & of the OAS, made me extremely happy and I still rejoice about it. Is it so hard to accept it ? Nature vacuums the waste.


1His statistical work, product of a long, long research, has the curious interest of accidentally showing very precisely the map of natural radioactivity.


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