Confirmation of the demonstration of Jesus cannibalization by victims – the punishment of the false prophet exposed (Talpiot “tomb”)

There is by the way in recent news the trial of “archaeologists” who faked the “earliest depiction of the crucifixion (LiveScience, Fox News).

The title of my post says it. The way the name of Jesus is carved shows total disrespect. Yosef Gat and Amos Kloner discovered it. Hidden from the eyes. Compare with tombs of persons who died in jail. The urns are on ground level in the cave, not on a high position.


Inside : remains of a meal (cannibalism).


So remnants of “Jesus”, “Mary”, “Joseph”, “Matthew” & “Judah” are found there (the Hebrew names found in the cave) and it proves the whole point in Chapter 2 ; Judah’s gospel demonstrates he cooperated with Jesus and Judah wrote it down somehow : he writes that Jesus tells him “you *must* betray me” so it suffices to read it to understand it’s a plot that Jesus organized with a few close men and women against the people, as I argued, for the political purpose of a coup against Poncius Pilatus (which involved getting a strong flow of followers behind them ; they were lured with false “miracles” with cannabis, but most Hebrews knew about the medical properties of kaneh-bosm, which is listed in the Ancient Testament, so it did not work as expected and Jesus decided to drug the disciples and tell them a lie, that he had been crucified and was reborn, to impress them again). Matthew is the other close ally of Jesus. The Sanhedrin got the information from disciples after they understood they had been wholly manipulated, and he pronounced his judgment : the traitors have to be sworded & strangled (and Judah was also caught). And they were served as meals as vengeance, then the jars of the meal ritually broken and put into the tombs. Like trash. Applying the principles theorized by René Girard helped me predict cannibalization and I am so happy to have actual confirmation of my prediction.

Some other followers nevertheless seized the story and kept on making “magic” with cannabis in areas where the plant was unknown, hence displacement in dry areas like the islands of Greece… extension of the cult.

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