The passive-agressiveness of the “asylum right campaigner” ; a kind of socialism (positive rights do not work, bis repetita at aeternas)

There are many, many NGO campaigners and other “civil rights defenders”, who believe they can teach tolerance to Europeans by forcing them to get migrants into their countries. These people have worked hard to get into administrations, or spend a lot of time campaigning, in NGO offices, to defend migrant rights. Likewise we have had a very intense mobilization on migrants’ rights with boats trying to avoid the sinkage of the rafts of migrants during the ISIS conflict. All these people are socialists, do not understand they cannot change other people with force. The core issue is the self-repression of the innate bisexuality that breeds frustration and anger ;with the will to impose migrants, in the more acute cases where the organization of an infiltration is seen as an anticapitalist fight – kind of like “sodomy for the system” organized by people who self-repress their bisexuality.

1. you cannot teach moral liberalism to Muslims simply this way, while refusing deliberately to note that most migrants are men

2. you cannot teach tolerance of spirit to Europeans with force, by forcing migrants in (as the “no-borders” anarchosocialist / anarchocommunist campaigners (I use both as synonyms) do all the time) or with very naive governmental policies to educate on respect of the other for instance, this does not work, for the same reason of the self-repression, even though of course self-repression is much more important in Muslims. I know there is a fat belief in the later political use of these migrants by left-wing revolutionaries who spend their time believing they can make their Marxist revolution by laying upon these “pawns” whose coming they organized

3. there is also a particular hypocrisy among many people that know the particular issue of depleted uranium and that instead of working on the topic & of following me have simply kept in the purely passive belief for humanitarian action. I think those who follow me know I have never committed myself strongly in pro-asylum campaigns. Like the anti-nuclear bomb people who likewise all try to cooperate from very far, because they strive for world socialism and understand the nuclear bomb is right in the way !


Freedom is only through free markets. Positive rights have no meaning. Read my free ebook !

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