Magnitogorsk 31 Dec 2018 explosion : failed test of Russian hypersonic missile Avanguard

The Russian army was test firing its Avanguard missile at the same period. One of the tests failed and hit a building block.

Screenshot from 2019-12-29 19-35-56.png
Note the closeness of the missile base to Magnitogorsk

One testimony in a Communist forum ( mentions seeing a “meteor” in the sky on the morning of the blast.

Screenshot from 2019-12-29 19-43-36.png

When looking at the “blast” the evidence of a quasi-vertical impact of a kinetic energy projectile without any explosive charge is obvious.

magni 2.JPG
Impact axis

Vladimir Putin talking to a young victim, holding his own belly and almost crying, like “it’s my baby, pleaaaase don’t talk about what you have seen” :

putin embarrassé.jpg

This piece handled by the team looks abnormal, metallic, heavy stuff. From the missile obviously and quickly taken out of the scene.

weird green piece ruble.jpg

An hypersonic missile is of course very sensitive to disruptions in its path…

(images taken from Daily Mail article)

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