My fair opinion on the Kairos nuclear “accident” : Chinese missile strike

A Chinese missile strike with the Combinated missile, precisely. Have you read my article on the Kairos nuclear blast ? I saw a LOT of fallout effects around the US North West. These destructions of forests in the landscapes of the US Wilderness are somehow presented, through the lens of what I could recollect through Instagram, there in my Stories. Large areas of forests especially in receptacles formed by lakes in volcanic craters lost pines because of the massive fallout. It is terrible to see. I relied on random sampling of images by passing hikers and the images are theirs.

There is a preliminary indication with Fufeng, a Chinese company that has bought 700 acres to set up a mill plant in North Dakota, the company makes monosodium glutamate, a product which is perfectly appropriate to replutogenize HTGR fuel. This indication is confirmed by my other eye observation, a bit after the strike on Kairos, of flyover of southeastern France by what is a priori a Chinese H20, even though an US and perhaps a Russian stealth bomber also fit, the rear colour of the jets corresponded with the “second” H20, this one : the above relies on gassed&cremated people to fly and has more recently received a new laser for second-step plutogenization under sodium, through descent for pressurization…

The culpability of China was quiiiite clear to me from the very beginning but it’s also true that the beginning of the summer holidays at the same time led me to shut down the subject as I thought everyone needed a rest. Just after my initial article on the Kairos blast, some new elements also surfaced on the limits of US missile monitoring re. hypersonic weapons.

Another PLAAF Y20 plane (this time) has more recently advanced near Tunisia while a putsch in Libya has been attempted, the Chinese communist regime certainly acting as shield in favour of a putsch supported by Saudi Arabia.

Yesterday morning

It’s a never-seen-before situation in which the CCP has powerful military assets that allow it to behave as the new “stormist” power, since they strike with no care for the environment and attempt to simply Collapse the institutions of the West, without thinking of the consequences because they try to use the fallout to further advance their pawns in a pure policy of power seeking.

Certainly are we paying the costs of the support to Ukraine, which is a country secretly linked to Communist China through military cooperation. The ratio of support to Ukraine is overall tied to the trade dependence to China. In many Eastern European countries the Chinese communist dream simply replaced the Soviet dream, among other things because China tolerates crematory ovens and it allows a cooperation with Nazis.

Joe Biden and Boris Johnson have obviously decided to support Eastern European countries in relation to their political relation to Nazism, the Democratic party’s communautarian views kowtow with Nazism (that needs communities, to eat some of them), and Boris Johnson’s China choice is related to the colonialism attempt along with cooperation, creating a truly incestuous link.

Lastly certainly did I not want to show off how efficient the Combinated missile is when the instructions are perfectly followed.

China attempted a “Sioux strike” in Sioux falls out of the idea Sioux indians fell down there and perhaps did they consider the HTGR was still cremating Sioux. I don’t know but ANYWAY, the DESTRUCTIVE policy of EXPLODING the thing without ANY CARE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT is dis-gus-ting and odious. And I am happy to announce that one first CCP agent who worked on the strike (since April…) by preparing disinformation to hide Chinese responsibility by arguing it is an effect of the volcanic underground (which is not possible with the structure of the HTGR) has been caught and eliminated into I hope some of the actual fallout of the HTGR.

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