Wuzhen-8 airdrops Alarm Clock mine in Cannes, fizzled yesterday night (because of zyklon-chlorine use)

The Wuzhen-8 is a drone that can be airlaunched, by a Y20 for instance, and its use of my “Combinated missile” basic idea leads to a supplementary power that is mixed with a central crematory core, zyklon chlorine, behind the plutonium head that powers the laser heating that secondary stage. It can reach 2800 km/h in my estimations. One was launched above France on August 19th to airdrop a mine. This Teller Alarm clock floating mine also used zyklon chlorine for its power. The natural properties of chlorine and crematory ash together mean that implosion CANNOT be symmetrical and it failed to create the powerful blast it was intended for. We have had long series of flashes this night along with electrons in the cloud capturing the plutonium and leading to its fission into lightnings. Prussian Blue is apparent in some later pictures of the Bay of Cannes, showing the gassing nature of the produced nuclear material. The plume is still somehow airborne, in a number of areas it fissionned later airborne, under the positive pressure of the Estérel and of Canjuers for instance (the presence of some Pu240 activating in the lightning strikes the rising chains of Pu). Because the zyklon-chlorine material was very well mixed with the seawater the flashes were nevertheless very bright.

Prussian Blue here evidenced. A tiny, tiny portion of the flashes which I could not register but tested with my MKS 05 Geiger as it was flashing, systemic association with Geiger peaks…
Later effect characteristic of zyklon-chlorine nuclear fission, compression between the Estérel and Canjuers of the plume naturally drifting westwards.

The choice of target was obviously thought by the Communist Party in relation to the lack of support to my findings on depleted uranium, versus closeness to me, I have to say.

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