Reasons of the recent Ukrainian military gains

There are four main factors behind the recent Ukrainian military gains :

  • Improvement in crematory oven power with the choice of using fat people in allowing better hydrogenation and hence better nuclear yields. It is first clear that they managed to steal the corpse or coffin of Mikhail Gorbachev to use him in a 2S7 Pion. (His fake burial is why Vladimir Putin did not attend)
Mikhail Gorbachev being fired.
More fat body pieces used. Breasts (right) and butt and legs (left) of a fat woman. From

-2. Ukrainian forces managed to find and destroy a crematory oven of the DPR (my own assessment takes into account the issue of the APKWS2 and similar fakist weapons, the profile of subcritical crematory oven “Triga-like” is clear and the language of Ria Novosti acknowledges it implicitly).

-3. Less crematory ovens / reactors (after their large-scale destruction by Russian forces) and more clean, well plutogenized bombs on the Ukrainian side.

-4. more very Western weapons from a country where the armed forces kept from Franco the use of simply using fissile matter, and not DU.

Statistical data shows that whereas Russia at the beginning was somehow above Ukraine, the DPR and LNR were below Ukraine, in terms of rejection of the crematory oven / reactor system. Many “BV” tanks of the DPR (tanks using crematory oven cans in piston or turbine system) were actually destroyed over the conflict and Mr Pushilin lied on Daria Dugina’s death to cover a similar system (crematory reactor with DU and gin !). The LNR used Cheburashka systems certainly made with human flesh in sodium (one recently destroyed in Tokmak). This order also defines the order of military success.

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