Guidance for using the Combinated missile for perfectly clean strikes

The following involves two Combinated missiles altogether, and a Fermionic condensate subcritical. Only one Combinated missile is actually detonated and the second and the Fermionic condensator coming altogether are retrieved.

The Combinated missile’s heat can be partly diverted with Peltier systems to pilot wings allowing turns, and a half-loop (turning back by rising up) is possible. It can also receive between the rear jets a metallic ring for linking a steel-aluminium-germanium chain (germanium outside the steel-aluminium core) pulling the Fermionic condensator (another ring to the front of it should suffice, the ring made of tungsten, the condensator should have it built-in in the frame). It should be a Fermionic subcritical condensator with a lighter top (3,5 mm of (chromium, 20% gallium) instead of the tungsten, maximum) for statojet of the condensator itself while the allocated Combinated missile also pulls.

The plutogenization mode in the condensator is activated circa two minutes after the supersonic strike, to use efficiently the nanoblack hole generated within. Less than two minutes for hypersonic strikes. This also depends of the level of risk (detection of the “cube” having to be prevented in principle).

This will allow the second Combinated missile to drag back the plume of alpha emitters to the military authorities using it (by pulling the Fermionic condensator in plutogenization mode). These authorities simply need to have a parabolic area with magnets all onto it for retrieval of the plume, along with a hole in the middle. Note how destiny already gave to Israel an appropriate location, relative to the size of its missiles. The Combinated missile coming back is cooled down by putting it in up position while stopping the tritium flow and will also benefit from the nanoblack hole of the Fermionic condensator down under descending… to itself descend.

Below an example of what was already achieved on land with magnets by seizing the atmospheric channel behind a missile stream. Russian strike on Lviv with I think the very large tube that the Telegraph presented as “Russian crematory oven” (immediately after I started to publish on Ukrainian crematory ovens), has obviously a large magnet in the rear (closes for direct plutogenization in in a subcritical mode) and that was obviously brought by Russian forces through Belarus.

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