Proof that before Christianity encroached the Clitoris was better understood and recognized

This pottery was found by myself in the Musée d’art classique de Mougins. It is dated circa second to third century of our era, so just before Imperator Constantine’s official conversion to Christianity.

In this piece there are clearly two organs going along each other. The clitoris is represented under the rising penis and it is represented laterally. The butt of the man is laid down in a way that allows some penetration of his rectum by the erect clitoris and this position is more appropriate to an artistic representation that shows the mutual penetration.

The originality and anciennety of this pottery confirm that before the development of Christianity sexuality was better understood and acknowledged.

This remains obviously a single case of finding. I have felt extremely lucky to stumble on it. It remains telling of what christianity erased.

Prostitution chambers are not where to look. Frescos were to reassure the customer. Women of little are there to service and the clitoris isn’t part of that. This shows actually with the elegance of the woman in the pottery above, her haircut, gentle face and the tamburine she holds. Nothing similar to the women in the frescoes of prostitution chambers of the Roman Empire and of modern pornographic movies.

This artwork by Ben in Nice’s MAMAC sums up the Christian vision : the clitoris is evil, thing of the Beast.
Yes Madam, I know, sad. Stupid culture. (La dame à la licorne, hôtel de Cluny, Paris)

Some would argue that Hitler’s replacement of Christianity by a cult of himself led to a clitoris revival. It’s true that he sucked erect clitorises in depth (which propaganda turned into scatological acts) and that the hooked cross may be assimilated to a representation of a somehow erect clitoris (especially perhaps when it’s in a circle in the middle of a long cross…). I also remember that the now taken down Instagram account @ch3f18 had liked a post where I was showing the erect clitoris in full. I did not knew then that Hitler was still alive so could not understand it was his account. But the feminist point on the clitoris was never stated openly by Nazi propaganda when they were in power. In the USSR and satellite countries there was later a bigger show on the clitoris in a widespread educational book (Washington Post article). It located the clitoris, showed “how it appears at various stages of arousal” and in its introduction declared that “socialist morality demands a more equitable distribution of pleasure in the bedroom”. And one can make an identical argument I have made with the hooked cross, with the sickle and hammer representing somehow the mutual penetration.

It is still saddening to see how on the Web the value of the clitoris penetration of the man’s anus isn’t recognized at all. Very depressing.

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