Ukrainian army sismondism : the attempt to cause a “Wigner Effect” nuclear accident in Zaporizhzhia NPP

This shows that Ukrainian forces fired on the Zaporizhzhia area :

Heavy zyklon-chlorine shells were used.

The Ukrainians fired some Western made ammunition warheads as well near the plant. They drafted a plan to imply that Russian miscalculations or mishandling of the plant caused a nuclear accident that would be dubbed “From Wigner Effect” to at the same time not openly talk of a Nuclear accident while creating a lot of media attention with the rarely used expression Wigner Effect. The Wigner Effect is actually a small subcomponent of a nuclear accident, on the “neutron push of material” creating an oscillation that degenerates… This below shows a shell found near the Zaporizhzhia NPP by the Russian armed forces. It has Latin caracters and the green colour that is typical of depleted uranium as painting. The caracters say AJM XX (ink of the first X partly falling out).

The compass of the Russian soldier shows the impact came from the west-north-west.
Cluster munition remain on a side. Video link

This corresponds to a number of components of US documentation on Google :

Wigner-Eckart theorem, aJM. Also, quantum chemistry…
Hanford, mother of Western nuclear reactors…

In my opinion the cluster of explosions shown in the first picture corresponds to cluster explosions of such bombs. Pattern fitting.

It’s very blatant a sismondist operation was attempted with the push effect (+ charges to disrupt the fuel into the Zaporizhzhia NPP cores) of series of quite plutogenized crematory oven rockets fitted into Western shells by Ukrainian neonationalist militants. To create a nuclear blast while blaming the Russians and nevertheless minimizing a bit with the “Wigner effect” coversheet to make it viral. Strangely this happened the day after I explained for the first time in public how the monkeypox virus comes from RBMKs. Fermionic condensation in retchlagmash, neutron impacts into the condensed cell generate the virus. It’s a low probability event but it happened. Western side handlers of retchlagmash, Ukrainian soldiers or supporters from a more Western country, they caused accidentally the virus to emerge in a sodium pressure receptacle, most certainly Kherson uranium mine victims plutogenized in Zaporizhzhia.

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